Today people wake up to the feeling of excitement and joy, people from all over the world get to celebrate their loved ones.  The history of Valentine’s Day falls back to the martyr of some Catholic priests who were advocates of love, it particularly boils down to the priest St. Valentine who was martyred by the Roman government for joining couples together. It was believed that he died for love. He was killed on the 14th of February and that day has since been adopted as a day to show and express love.

Valentine’s Day is a day people get to express love to their loved ones and in a lot of cases it is a day to express romantic love, you see a lot of couples going for dates and lots of flowers are being delivered today. It is always a day to look forward to.


It is a day we celebrate love and we also think love is worth celebrating. Valentine ’s Day should be extended to family and friends and not just your partner. Appreciate your colleagues, show love to the next person you never know how much of a blessing you will be. It doesn’t cost a fortune to be kind.

As a company, we appreciate your love and support to us and that is why we are celebrating YOU this valentine. All you have to do is follow our social media pages because we have lots of giveaways to do today. You could win something so go follow our page and see the instructions.

It is Valentine, don’t forget to spread the love and be kind to someone.

Happy valentine’s day from all us at PayPorte, “your preferred online store”!


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