2018 has packed up and the New Year 2019 is still very young. It’s time to step up your fashion game because this year I’m certain we are making more money and there is a need to look better. To amplify your style this year we have some tricks to help you, they are simple but very effective.

It’s not always about the big things. As they say, the smallest details make all the difference.

Wear to fit

To look good there is a need to wear clothes that fit. Wearing oversized or undersized clothes have a way of destroying your style so it is important you keep a balance by wearing fitted cloth or better still get a tailor to fit your dresses.

Accessorize your outfits

This year, concentrate a little more on accessories. A simple brooch attached can shoot your outfit up, it can make you look smarter and sharper. Accessories can also help identify your signature look, for example, a particular shade or design of a tie or a lapel pin. So in 2019, buy more bracelets and watches, lapel pins, ties, pocket squares e.t.c

Invest in interchangeable pieces

We understand how catchy colour outfits are but at the same muted colour can save you from a lot of stress. Black and white can go on any skirt or pants or even tops so you could invest in more outfits in those colours. The trick hence is your get as much interchangeable pieces and them up with some colour.

Revamp your old wardrobe

You don’t have to throw away your old clothes because style trends are forever going and returning so learn to take good care of your oldies. Launder properly, store neatly, invest in shoe polishes and sprays to keep your footwear shiny and spiffy.

Be confident about yourself

The secret to looking good is to be confident about what you are wearing. Your style is you and it defines the courage you have on your inside. Also, take care of your body more, drink more water, exercise, smile more and remember to always stay positive.

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Happy New Year!



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