I could remember walking into his office with so much fright and nervousness, my prior knowledge of what a CEO should be got me so worked up and worried but to my utmost surprise he welcomed me with a beautiful smile, beckoned me to sit down and listened attentively as I shared my ideas.

Everyone has a story like the saying goes but with Mr Eyo Bassey you can be sure to hear sweet stories about this amazing man we all call Mr B.

Mr B believes everyone has a future and that is why anyone who comes in contact with him is bound to excel and succeed. He is that man who ignites the passion in you and pushes you to be the best you can be.

I’m yet to see a boss who is as simple as Mr B! no escorts, no shenanigans, no protocol and paparazzi he is down to earth simple. He is never too busy to listen and he is always willing to help you out even when it’s not convenient.

He is a wealth of wisdom and that’s why it’s not so surprising that he keeps excelling in all he does, the ever-present boss. He is an icon of excellence, a man of class and dignity, pride and a paragon. A very hard working yet simple man, a man of diligence and it is not surprising to see him stand before kings.

There is a lot to say about our boss who has become a father, uncle and even a mentor to all members of the PayPorte family and one big thing we can all say is that we love him and we wish him a long life filled with wealth, health and blessings around.

I don’t know if God creates Angels in human form but Mr B is an angel in disguise!

Happy 40th birthday to the number one  member of PayPorte Family

A man we have come to love and respect.

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