We all know 2018 has been nothing but a wonderful year and without a shadow of a doubt the fashion industry has also experienced a major upgrade with stylists and designers coming up with different designs that wowed a lot of us and our Nigerian celebrities sure became a trailblazer for some of these styles.

Let’s look at the top fashion trends in 2018

Off The shoulder dress

This trend definitely came to stay in 2018 has a lot of women embraced the style. It has also proven to be very versatile, it can be worn for casual outings and it is perfectly fit for corporate events.

It could be one-sided or balanced at the two sides. It is a common sight at owanbe parties and it’s a captivating fashion style.

Puff Sleeves

They are very simple, casual, beautiful and they bring out the best in every one regardless of one’s body shape. Fashion gurus have come to like this trend; this can be seen with the numerous photos posted on social media with stylish women donning this style. These tops can work an office or casual look and can definitely look neat without putting in a lot of effort.

Palazzo pants

The Palazzo pants is also a fashion trend that made waves in 2018. Women have fallen in love with them as well because of their comfortable fit and a material that is usually smooth on the skin yet flatters one’s body. They are mostly wide legged and of ankle length with side pockets.

Cross bag/sling bags

The cross bag is also another major trend, it is popular between men and women.

Celebrities like Davido and Wizkid wear it to perform on stage and major influencers and other celebrities also welcomed the cross bag fashion which in turn became so popular and trendy.

Loud Logos/ Designer outfits


Fendi! Gucci! Louis Vuitton! Calvin Klein! It felt like this was the year to announce your designer.

From wizkid to Davido it felt like they were major ambassadors for Gucci and Louis Vuitton, the average Nigerian is not left out in the craze for designers whether it’s fake or original just wear a designer.

What style stood out for you in 2018? Let us know in the comments session



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