Relationships are very exciting at the very beginning but at the same time, it is expedient that you pay a great attention to it at the very beginning. If you ask any architect or a civil engineer he will tell you that the strength of a building lies on its foundation and it’s the same thing with relationships. Your foundation has to be solid if you will go far, it is also expedient to be sure if its love or lust. One important thing to also know is that it is easier to get carried away so here are some few tips to help you.

Show Affections

It is easier to ignore affection especially for the ladies, you expect the man to show affection but you need to take bolder steps too, Simple things like hugs, kisses, and even a small text can make his day. The amount of affection you give him should be equal, if not more, than the amount of affection he gives you. It’s the small things that count, do not forget that.

Be yourself

A lot of people want to come with the whole perfect vibe at the beginning of relationships but it is all wrong. You don’t have to pretend to be who you are not, who will love you will and you can only pretend for a while the real you will still come out. Be genuine as you can be and work on yourself to be a better person

Pay Attention

You guys have only just started dating and are still getting to know every detail about each other. Have open ear and listen. It shows your partner that you care and genuinely want to know more about him. Tell funny stories about your past, thoughts, and even hopes for the future. This is all part of communicating as well, but being in a relationship means taking the time to listen and learn about each other. Pay attention to little details, listening also shows that you love your partner.

Be confident

You need to be very confident in who you are. This has a lot to do with self-improvement as well. Before you allow someone to love you, be sure to ask yourself if you love yourself. Insecurities are something you have to deal with internally before you bring another person into the picture.

Be very intentional

Relationships deal with being intentional. You have to be very intentional about what you want and how you should be treated. Be very clear about what you want, it may seem scary at first, but stating your intentions is something that can prevent a lot of problems.

Love is giving

I know it sounds a bit off but giving sustains relationships. It shows you care and giving should not be one-sided. The two of you should give, ladies your man should not be the only one giving, surprise him with gifts, and take him out once in a while.


Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. No one can read your mind and know instantaneously what it is you want. Make it clear to your significant other what bothers you, what you like, and what he can do to make the relationship better. This is not a one-way street though. You have to put in the effort and listen to what your partner has to say about the relationship and be ready to adjust how you behave for the greater good of the relationship. This also doesn’t mean change every aspect of your significant other; it takes moderation and knowing what is actually worth changing.

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