Shoes are definitely a must have possession for any lady, it doesn’t at just a pair you need to keep different pairs of shoes for different occasion. There are some shoes that you must have in your collection, let’s talk about some of those shoes.

Pumps or court heels

Pumps are the most flexible pair of shoes for women there can ever be! Just ask yourself, what colour of shoes go with everything, and pick yourself a pair of pumps in that shade!


These are shoes for the party! Defined by the long, thin, high heel, stilettos are both a blessing and a curse to women. The shoe style is such that it can work as formal footwear for ladies and glamorous style shoes in one go! What are the types of heels that have made many a sensible woman empty her savings on? Stilettos. You see why we said it could be a curse to many women, they are so hard to resist.

Ankle Boots

Boots were not recognized as high fashion footwear until the 1970s. They could also be used as a type of formal shoes for girls.


This type of shoes is defined by a single piece of material serving as both the sole and the heel. Typically with a sole that is much thicker at the back compared to the front, making it high heeled shoe style. One thing that makes wedges stand out is their comfortability and ease, a lot of women who can’t cope with the stilettoes are guaranteed comfort with wedges.


Flats are always your run to option especially for formal outings, the fact that it has no heel makes it quite comfortable and they are also affordable.


You will agree with me that sneakers are fast becoming trendy and stylish. It is just not for sports alone, it could also serve as your go to fashion shoes and it gives you that look of confidence!



The most popular and commonly used form of the slip-on, loafers are also known as slippers. For women, these have to be the most comfortable types of formal shoes.



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