Its throwback Thursday but today we are not throwing it back but remembering the wishes and dreams we had about adulthood. We all thought life was going to be easy when I look at the number of things I have to do I came to the conclusion that growing up is a big set up.

I miss the days when I had no responsibility, the days when everything was done for me, the days when all I had to think about was food. Life is easier as a child but then we have to grow up no one wants to be a child forever.

I remember when I did something and my mom would punish me I would tell myself I can’t wait to grow up so nobody can touch me anymore jeez! How about the times I couldn’t wait to marry a prince or a very wealthy man or how about the desire to live your life freely without restrictions? I was certain that when I was older, I would be a woman of my own terms, talk to anyone how I felt like without having anyone to tell me ‘Shut up’ or ‘Keep Quiet’ and I can buy anything with my own money anytime and wherever I liked!

We all had crazy thoughts as kids and we couldn’t wait to grow up but now that we are grown up reality is hitting upon us and we wish we could go back to being kids. Here are a few things we never knew about growing up or better still nobody told us but they are part of the package once you subscribe to adulthood.

Earning your own money requires hard work, being smart and also dedicated

Now I understand that making money is not easy to come by. The first time I picked up a job was in my 300 level in the university during ASUU strike. I could remember asking my mom for t-fare to the office one morning and she said “I thought you were paid your first salary some weeks ago” I told her, yes but I don’t have much left she laughed and said “Welcome to adulthood, money is easier to spend but doing the job is the hard work” Being in control of your financial decisions is good. You plan all that you want to do with your own money. But Money does not fall from trees. They are an exchange for value. You must put a value on the table. Unlike getting money from the love and obligation of our parents or guardians, your employer does not love you. You have to work for your money!

Decision making is tougher

When you are a child decision making is easier even when the outcome of the decision of is negative your parents or teachers or your siblings would bear the brunt but as a grownup, it is your life and your decision.

Being a ‘fine girl or boy’ is not easy

I could remember seeing all those aunties that will carry lovely bags and make adorable hairstyles and I will say to myself when I grow up I will look more beautiful, I couldn’t wait to grow up it felt they had it all easy but in reality its hard work.

Dreams do not always come true

We all have childhood dreams mine was to be a pharmacist but years later I’m a writer. It’s the truth the dreams you had as a child might not come true we outgrow dreams and some of those dreams still come to pass. It takes patience and perseverance to make your dreams come true. Whatever life throws at you don’t give in to failure, make a message out of your mess.

I miss being a child though…

What was your childhood dreams? What did you miss about being a child let us know in the comment session?




















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