“The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking.” – Robert H Schuller

Rose looked at the time again it’s been an hour she got here but she was determined to give it a try, her best friend Diamond had told her she can’t be accepted. Georgia international was the best when it comes to movie production, every screen/ scriptwriter understands what it means for Georgia to accept your script. They don’t just accept the scripts they pay you and you get to work alongside their production team, the juicy part is that the movie is produced on your own terms. They produce three movies in a year and all their movies are always top movies in the box office.

Rose had written a very beautiful story that she knows was capable of being in the box office but she has been applying for the past four years and each year her story was rejected but she kept editing and making the story more beautiful.

Diamond has been her best friend who never stopped believing in her even her parents had advised Rose to get a life but she was passionate about script writing and she hopes one day she will be accepted but for the first time even Diamond was tired she advised her to do something else and it had hurt Rose that her only encourager has also given up.

She was excited when she was invited by Georgia for a pre-screening, it takes about three interviews to be picked by Georgia. Last year, she was ejected at the finals which gave her the courage to keep pushing. Today was the final interview and Diamond had advised her not to go that it was a waste of time but she was determined.

She got there just in time but she had been waiting and hoping in her heart, after five hours of waiting she was called in and interviewed, they told her they would get back to her and she just hoped she will be picked.

Six months later, Rose got the phone call. She was called back that they are running with her script. She couldn’t conceal her joy, she kept screaming like a child. Her movie was produced and nominated for different awards.

She won the best scriptwriter in the continent and with tears she picked her award and she was grateful she closed her ears to negativity.

Life is not meant to be rosy and easy, it is our duty to keep believing in what we stand for. Push away every negativity, nobody can understand your dreams like you the dreamer and greatness comes with sacrifices.

Even if no one believes in you then you have to be your own biggest fan, life will push you but you can’t afford to give up. Your mind is very powerful and it is what you allow in that affects your thinking, lay aside all negativity and focus on the positivity.

Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. This new week be determined to train your mind to embrace positivity and reject negativity.


Cheers to a productive week.





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