Welcome back to Ella’s story. It’s a story of love, pains and trust. You are in for a good ride so just hop in and let’s continue the adventure.

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I just knew I had to tell Teju, I knew no excuse would work tonight that girl is a mini devil. I spilt the whole story like a wicked witch who was confessing and Teju gave me her rapt attention. After I finished the gist I expected a clap or an emotional sound from her but she looked so serious and said “is it not too early, I’m not judging you but this feels like emotions and not love” deep within me I knew Teju was right but I just wanted to trust my gut “we all can’t be the same” that was my reply as I hissed and stood up she followed me and told me she was sorry. I know Teju loves me like a sister and she is obviously watching out for me but hey, I’m 25 and I can take care of myself.

Days turn to weeks and weeks were fast becoming months and every day my love for Stanley keeps increasing, Teju has come to terms with my love and she says she is happy as long as I am happy. All that matters was love, this is my first but it felt so right. He invited me over to his place to spend the weekend, Teju was against it she claimed it was too early but what is early we’ve been dating for two months and it is so obvious that Stanley adores me.

I’m one of those girls who believe in no sex before marriage, I was ready to keep my body for my future husband but with Stanley, I don’t even know if I can think straight anymore but I was committed to being chaste. He had told me he was ready to support me, it felt so right to go to his house. After closing from the office on Friday I decided to go to the market and get some ingredients, he told me he had no food in his house so he sent me some cash. He promised to come to pick me up by 8pm he knew I had a car but he would always insist on being my personal driver he says driving me is so much fun and it makes him happy. Luckily for Teju, she gets to ride my car often but she claims I don’t have her time but I know she is just jealous.

Stanley got to my house some minutes past 8, I had already prepared the stew and made Egusi soup which I poured into two different coolers. I hugged Teju briefly and left for my weekend adventure, Stanley was just the best he kept treating me like a little girl and I just couldn’t help but love him more if only I knew but I was too blinded by emotions to see the signs. He never allows me to touch his phone I don’t even know his password but all that mattered to me was that he loves me.

He was a real gentleman, I slept on his chest and he never even made any move all we did was kiss and he told me how much he loved me, I felt so safe in his arms it was like Jack and Rose in Titanic or should I say, Romeo and Juliet, whatever we were just two people in love.

Saturday came and he woke me up by serving me breakfast in bed how loving can a man be again? I got so emotional that I started crying, I told him no one has ever shown me love like this and he looked at me with so much sincerity and said “I love you Ella and I will never break your heart” those promises! I kissed him passionately and we ate breakfast in bed. I asked him for his laundry he told me he had someone who does that but I insisted, I just wanted to show him I was going to make a good wife so I did his laundry made lunch and I decided to take a nap because I was so tired.

We decided to go to the cinemas in the evening and I selected a movie I had been longing to see, we had fun. I decided to make dinner which he assisted me with but this night was different. He held in his arms and kissed me, I knew I should stop him my brains kept telling me to but I refused to listen, my mom’s words about staying pure kept replaying but my emotions were just strong. He untied my satin wrap nightgown which revealed my laced bra I watched him as he gently removed it and said I love you that was all I could remember, we made love that night passionately and romantically, I felt a bit of pain being a virgin but he was so gentle.

I woke up the next morning feeling so stupid, there was no breakfast in bed all he asked me was “hope you are not sore?” I told him a little and he said to me “last night was beautiful, I can’t believe you are a virgin and don’t worry you know I used protection” I just couldn’t bring myself to say anything but I had to console myself with the words “we love each other”.

He dropped me at home in the evening and thank God Teju was not home, she said something about going to see a friend so I let myself in, I went into the bathroom to take a cold shower and I just hoped in my heart that I did the right thing. Teju came in around 10pm, I heard her come in so I pretended to be asleep because I was in no mood to gist. She came into my room and saw me asleep, I was so glad that she let me be. Something strange was happening Stanley always called to wish me a happy night rest I checked the time and it was past 11pm so I decided to call him…..

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