It just gets confusing you know, sometimes you wonder what are these people saying? Which one is smart casual again, relax, I’ve got you covered.

You just got a new job and they told you the company dressing code is “business casual” do not fret! Don’t spend extra time googling up and down this is just what you need to know what it takes to dress business casual or smart casual.


A business casual is less formal but still fit for an office environment. Examples are dress shirts and blouses, khakis, knee-length skirts and dresses, and (sometimes) a nice, non-ripped pair of jeans. They key is looking professional and cleaned up without looking too uncomfortable or stuffy. Suits and ties are not welcomed in a business casual setting.

Example of a business casual outfit for women
Example of a business casual outfit for men



Smart casual is a dressier version of business casual. That’s it! That pretty much sums up the difference between business casual and smart casual. While the situation can influence things a bit—a cocktail hour will probably demand a slightly different outfit choice than a day at the office—in general, smart casual just jazzes things up a bit with items like blazers, scarves, and jewelry.

Example of a smart casual outfit for women
Example of a smart casual outfit for men


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