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I know it’s been a long we shared some make up tips. I’m sorry but I’ve got news for you guys, I’m back like I never left! (Winks). Let’s do some makeup!!

Today, I will be sharing “Easy Tips on How to Apply Bronzer” Trust we want to glow all through this month, winks.

What is a Bronzer?

A Bronzer is a cosmetic liquid or powder applied to the skin to give it colour or shine, typically to give the appearance of a suntan.

Types of Bronzers

There are different types of Bronzers. When planning to buy one, consider your kind of person as well as how easy to apply the bronzer is. Below are few types of bronzers you can use.

  1. POWDER BRONZER: This type is easily built and suitable for all skin types. They can be used for everyday makeup routine and quick to dust on your foundation. They also make your skin looking matte and soak up oil and grease. This could be a loose or pressed powder.
  2. SHIMMER BRONZERShimmer bronzers work particularly well on those with fair and light skin, as they give off a believable summer glow.
  3. PEARL BRONZERThese delicate pearls of powder are a luxurious way of applying bronzer. They are multi-colored little balls of bronzing powder, sitting together in a container. Pearl bronzers for comfortable application, are somewhere between a pressed and a loose powder, and seem to have more shine in them.
  4. CREAM BRONZER: This kind of bronzer is unique in itself. It is easy to blend and will always look softer once powdered. Cream bronzers come in both sticks and jar packaging.
  5. LIQUID BRONZER: This bronzer is very similar to cream bronzer, but with a slimmer texture that might require a bit more work to blend. Liquid bronzers are well worth the effort, because you can achieve an incredible glow, and also blend them into your foundation comfortably,  for an all-over glow.

Choosing a bronzer to use for that date or outing depends on how dramatic you want to be as well as your skin tone. The brush you should use for its application should be a good brush that is wide, fluffy and has a rounded top.

When applying your bronzer on your face, it should be applied in the shape of number “3”, from the top to the bottom of your face on both sides of the face-start the application from your forehead It’s best to start applying lightly till you get your desired glow than putting a lot of products at once.

Next, you can apply on your cheekbones by making a fish face – starting at the apples of your cheeks and sweeping lightly up towards your hairline as well as jawline, chin, nose and neck.

However, don’t add too much bronzer, this might make you look funny and make your makeup seem heavy, so it’s best you keep it simple and chic please, don’t for get to blend properly and to remove harsh lines-Bronzer application should sink into your skin and rhyme with it not having a world of its own-You get the strap

One other thing I use bronzer for is “eye shadow application”. When I plan to travel light or having a makeup rush hour, I use my bronzer as both the eye-shadow and blusher-it works perfectly well for me. You can try that, too.

How do you apply your bronzer? Waiting for your answers in the comment session and also tag a Makeup lover to see this.


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