Who does not like weekends anyway? It’s the time of the week where you can forget work and embrace some fun, we all want to have fun but we just know we have to make enough money. The bad thing about weekend is that it is too short, I mean it’s just forty-eight hours! That short! Just 48 hours to rest, decompress, recharge and even get ready for the new week. How exactly do we make these precious days feel longer?  Let’s get started!

Look forward to Fridays

The week is long already and for some people it is stressful but you need to keep looking forward to Fridays. All you have to do is add an event to your Friday night, it is the first day of your weekend so don’t throw it away. Go to a cinema, visit a bar, go to a club just have fun on your Friday.

Plan something fun

Always have your weekend planned out. Having something to look forward to whether its lunch with a friend or time for a quiet walk alone is a huge happiness booster. An over-scheduled weekend can have the exact opposite effect, so it’s important to know what amount of activity is right for you and try (most of the time) to stick with it.

Don’t spend it sleeping

I know you want to rest and recharge but you can’t afford to sleep it all away. Stop snoozing the alarm button, you can take one or two hours extra rest but don’t oversleep. It is important to rest but sleeping all day only cuts your weekend short.

Start a ritual

Create a ‘weekend starts here’ ritual and stick with it. It can be something simple like writing a story or visiting a garden. The symbolic act will remind your brain to leave behind the hectic work week and take a well-deserved break.

Don’t think about it

I know it could be annoying that the weekend is short but thinking about it only shortens your fun. If you’re stressing about what’s happening on Monday or how soon Monday is coming then Monday will be here before you know it! And don’t dread Sunday nights either! Use your weekend to be present and live in the moment.


Enjoy your weekend.

image source: Odyssey.




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