It’s another Friday and your mates are busy getting married or going out with boo but you have no plans. This Lagos is not even making it easy to be single everywhere you go there is one man and woman playing love just around you. You are not alone my sister, being single can be fun and exciting but some other days it could be tough.


Really, you want to ask where all the good men are. A friend said to me a while ago, she claimed even when you find one it’s either he is broke or he is rich but very senseless. I don’t know about that but I can tell you that there are good men you are just looking in the wrong direction or you are not a good mate.

If you want a good man then you need to be a good woman too, likes attract and you need to be good to attract good. Enough of the motivation let’s talk about how to find love.

Love Yourself

This is the first rule. Embrace and celebrate yourself, don’t go around all gloomy and carrying a sad face because you are single. It is not a death sentence and it does not last forever, enjoy yourself while you are still single. When you love yourself then you are ready to be loved!


Look good all the time

Looking good is key to making you attractive. You are 25 and you are looking 50 it’s not fair na, you are still beautiful. Show forth your beauty. Be attractive, the container has to be attractive for you to view the contents so upgrade your style and look classy. You don’t have to rob a bank to look good we’ve got you covered we have affordable wears and shoes, save yourself the stress and drama just place your order and have it delivered. Looking good is very important!

Smell nice

If you look good and you don’t smell nice the uncle will not want to have a conversation with you o. please use body sprays and deodorants, don’t kill the man with odour. If there is one thing I love about perfumes is the fact that you will always get what you can afford. Shop for nice perfumes and smell nice and not just perfumes use body products too to make your skin glow.

Go out and have fun

If you are just like me then this for you. Go out more often, the man will not come and meet you at home at one point you just have to go out. Hang out with your girlfriends and have fun, go to cinema, visit the beach, go on a boat cruise just have fun!

Be Open

It is okay to set standards but set realistic standards. Don’t look for a house in Banana Island when you know he just started working and he is 28. The way some ladies come up with lists you will know God has to go back and remould another man just for them. When you meet a guy relax and get to know him, don’t write him off. Don’t zone all the men that come your way give them time and know their worth.

Be intellectual enough to hold conversations

It is not the first day you meet a man that he asks you to marry him, be able to engage him in a conversation. Be intellectual enough to hold him down in a conversation, its painful when you meet a pretty lady but she has nothing upstairs, read more and research. Holding a conversation is very vital.

After all has been said and done you also need to work on your character. Your beauty will attract a man but it takes character to keep him. It’s Friday make sure you have some fun and don’t forget to get  yourself some affordable fashion items, the beauty of it is that we have what suits your pocket. They are beautiful, classy and very affordable. Click here to place your order.

Cheers to a beautiful weekend!



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