Some people just have a way of looking down at you especially when you dress so casual, if you enjoying going casual like me then you must have experienced this scenario. Don’t feel bad especially if it happens in your office it means it’s time to upgrade your looks just show them that you could be a boss.



The truth is people don’t know how intellectual you are until they sit down and hear you talk but your looks can show them you deserve some respect. You need to upgrade and show up like a boss, here are some tested and trusted tricks to make you show up like a boss.

Wear clothes that fit

Good dressing gets you people’s attention. You instantly look more professional if you wear clothes that fit you properly. Avoid all of your baggy ‘at home’ garments and instead commit to wearing tailored clothes to work. You will look more powerful and you will look like you are more in charge. It can change your entire body language and attitude!

Play with colours

Have you found yourself slipping into the boring blacks and navys too often? It can be an easy thing to do, but you should try to inject some splashes of colour back into your everyday outfits. Don’t dress for a party but you can play around with bright colours. Stay classy with other colours.

Be confident

Confidence plays a vital role in getting people’s attention. When you are confident in who you are then people would listen, you can’t afford to look timid. After wearing good clothes then you need to switch to the confident zone. You look smart act smart.

Dress your role

Think about the ins and outs of your everyday role at work, and make sure that you pick formal but functional attires that aren’t going to look out of place. Looking professional doesn’t mean wearing your most expensive and glamorous things; it means dressing well for the specific environment. Don’t break a bank trying to show off, wear what you can afford. We have affordable wears that can help you upgrade your looks.

Learn from others

Take a look at what some of the most respected men/women in your office like to wear to work, and whilst you shouldn’t be copying them outright, you should definitely study their looks to see where you can implement a few of their choices into your own style. Following a fashion leader can be really helpful in terms of finding the right vibe of a work environment.

Find your style

After watching others then you should be able to create and find your own style. Find out what fits you and what you love. Don’t wear clothes you are not comfortable with that is why it is important you create your own style.  Overtime people would get used to your style and the more familiar people get with your style, the stronger your standing in the office will get.


Looking good is good business, try these tricks and see the changes. We have some cool and classy wears to help you switch from casual to formal and the trick is that they are very affordable. What are you waiting for? Start placing your order and show up like a boss!

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