Have you heard the quote “Looking good is good business”? it is actually very correct. Looking good is very important, you can’t afford to show up in places without looking stunning and attractive. Life they say is filled with so many opportunities and you don’t know when it’s going to be your turn so it is better to be prepared all the time. You need to appear at your next opportunity looking all glammed and radiant.

Let’s talk about some benefits of looking good.


It commands Respect:

When you show up in a place looking all dressed up then people would not talk to you anyhow. When you decide to look good it sends a message to everyone that comes across your path and they are sure going to give you the respect you deserve.


It draws attention to you:

Have you even been in a place and somebody who looks gorgeous walks in every heads will turn and they will all admire that look. When you choose to look good it draws attention to you and you never can say where opportunities are waiting. Opportunities meet those who are prepared.


Gives you a great first impression

I remember having a meeting with an influential woman and I dressed casually. She looked at me and asked why I was dressing casually to meet her for the very first time, she told me how can I be sure it won’t affect our relationship. She sent me back home to dress again and sadly I had to. I learnt a big lesson that day. To create a good impression is not about your intellect alone, your dressing also speaks volume.


It reflects your potentials

There is a connection between your potentials and your looks. If you want people to see your potentials, then you need to start looking good. It is possible you are very talented and people are not patronizing you, maybe it is about how you dress and carry yourself. Learn to start dressing well.


It boosts your confidence level

When you dress well you are bound to be confident. Your confidence level will definitely be on a high level. Dressing well gives you a good self –esteem.




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