To be honest, being single sometimes is ‘work’ and the weather is not even helping matters with the way it’s rainy in Lagos I’m beginning to feel there is more to it but that’s by the way so it feels like wedding is the trending something.

If you are a Nigerian lady who is still single I’m sure your mom must have called you that she is at the wedding of one of the ladies you went to the primary school together and when your own but in your church mind you are saying you will get married when you are ready.


I know attending the wedding ceremony of a family member who is younger or your age mate is quite hard because our aunties and mummies sure have a way of reminding you that ‘it should be you in that white dress’.

I’m here for you let me save you the stress here are some tips to make a good impression at wedding ceremonies as a single lady.

Do not feel Pressured

Don’t allow anyone put you in the pressure trap, you need to be relaxed. Let me be a motivational speaker first, our races are different and in life overtaking is allowed. Be very happy for your friend or cousin getting married. It is their own time yours will come. Marriage is beautiful but it is worth waiting for! Make a great entry with your smile and let your attitude portray that you are here to have fun!

Squad goals

If you can, make sure you go with your friends. This is the best way to have fun. It is possible some of your aunties think all of you are senseless (Don’t feel bad, you will invite her for your wedding so she will know you have sense). Smile with your girls, take pictures together and leave together.

Let your Outfit speak

Make sure your tailor is not ‘Amaka’. This is one of the ceremonies your tailor must not disappoint, let your outfit speak for you. Look elegant and stunning. Let your shoe game be tight, get a nice and affordable shoe to compliment your outfit. Let your stiletto heels speak for you. We have nice shoes for you actually so place your order and have it delivered.

Your Gele game must be strong

Don’t tie your gele anyhow. Get an expert to tie it for you. Your gele speaks volume so let the game be strong.

Make up on fleek

Do not dull yourself. Don’t look like someone that is suffering get a good makeup artiste to do your facebeat and if you can, do it yourself. Ladies, don’t appear like a clown let your makeup game be on fleek.

Greet everyone with a smile

Even when you get stares and some uncomfortable reaction make sure you greet with a smile. Hug those aunties and ask them how they are doing. Have fun at the wedding!

Meet my son


If you are in a relationship run for your life at this minute but if you are single think twice. You never can say. Your family loves you and at the end of the day all they really desire is your happiness.

Be Open

Don’t close your eyes. be very open to meeting new people and you never can say ‘future husband’ might be around so be nice to everyone. you could even make some nice connections.

Have Fun

Make sure you have fun. Eat Jollof rice and small chops. You cannot come and kill yourself. Don’t forget to dance!



If you have a fiancé this is your best option tag him along. I did not say boyfriend I mean a very serious partner. When they see a man with you they will smile and hug you. Here is the thing, its okay to love yourself and embrace growth your wedding will come too so celebrate with others. I really want to attend weddings so if your wedding is around the corner let me come and eat your rice but don’t ask me to buy aso-ebi of #30,000 o.


Have fun this weekend and love who you are becoming! I will love to see your comments so let me know how you have been surviving the wedding seasons as a single!

image credit: @iambisola


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