If you are anything like me then you love short dresses but until recently maxi dresses are not my thing but I decided to do a mini research and I realized that I’ve missed a whole lot by avoiding maxis. It is not just about the length, it is important to have a maxi in your wardrobe and I am here to convince you and in fact you must love it (laughs), there is more to this dress that meets the eye.

Maxi dresses are dresses that are informal and they are floor or ankle length.  They are loosed at the bottom but fit at the top. They are the prefect dresses for any occasion, it keeps you comfy all day. There are some other reasons why a maxi is your best choice.

  • Airy and comfortable: If you are having a wardrobe crises and you don’t know what to what to wear, maxis are your best bet. Just put it on and you are good to go, they are very comfortable and very airy. It hides your legs but at the same time it allows you to receive fresh air.
  • Variety: This dress complements you whatever your shape and size is a maxi will always do justice to your shape!
  • It could pass for a formal outing: it could be known as an informal wear but you could still rock it for a formal event. You will still look nice!
  • Shoes: with maxi you can go for flats, sandals or even heels they will always complement it.


Maxis are easy and always your favourite choice.  You have a date or you are going to a fashion show and even if it’s a wedding just stay glamorous with a maxi dress.

you can actually visit the beach with a comfortable maxi dress. It is expedient you have one in your wardrobe.

I know you will love to get one all you all have to do is place your order here.


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