We all just go to the store to buy sneakers but really do you know that there are two kinds of sneakers, we have the fashion sneakers and the sports sneakers. The sports sneakers are way more comfortable to help in sporting activities and it’s the reason why a lot of people are having sustaining injuries while wearing their sneakers. Although some were designed for the dual purposes but it is still important to know the difference.

sport sneakers

Running shoes are made specifically for purposes of running. They will have more cushion in the foot bed area (where the foot rests) and are generally wider at the instep, making it more comfortable. They are characterized by an extra eyelet at the top opening to prevent the linear movement inside during running and raised soles that impart cushion. They normally have a slightly raised heel and some good cushioning in the midsole but some of them have a low raised sole which makes them suitable as lifestyle shoes as well.

fashion sneakers

Fashion Sneakers are lifestyle based shoe which has become the fashion trend today and is being worn from morning to evening, and from office to home. They are even being paired with blazers into the board rooms, provided they are minimal.


sports shoe

The main issue when buying is the differences aren’t always obvious. The secret to getting the right shoe is to not judge on looks alone and always ask for advice. “When you go into a store, ask ‘What is this shoe designed for? Can I wear this to run in or is best for the gym? It’s not about buying a particular shoe, it’s about finding the right one for you.

fashion sneakers

Don’t just buy a shoe because it is looking so good, learn to ask questions.

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