It’s a beautiful Thursday and it’s another to have a major throwback to the games we played as kids back in the days, some of these games landed me in serious trouble but the most important thing was that I had fun. I was the real troublemaker while growing up, I was so good at gathering the other kids in our compound together so that the games can begin. I can remember vividly some of the troubles I landed into while playing some of these games but at the same time I’m excited I had a very interesting childhood.  Let’s go down memory lane to those games we played when we were children and abeg don’t form here at all, just drop your comments on the games you played.


This entails securing spots like you are purchasing lands with a chart that is drawn on the ground. You have to jump over your opponent’s land to move ahead. Any opponent that barges into your land space is penalized and the person with most spaces at the end of the day wins the game. This got the girls jumping like Jet Lee and we just couldn’t wait for break time.

Ten Ten:

This game requires your multitasking. In playing this game, girls stand facing each other and clap their hands as they move their legs to a rhythm. The goal of each girl during this game is to ensure that she does not raise the same leg directly facing the other girl – which means it is no problem for a girl to raise a left leg when the other girl raises a right leg. The moment a girl raises the wrong leg, the other girl scores a point. It’s not like I was good with this game but I enjoyed playing it.


This is a game I can’t forget because it sure landed my brother in trouble. we call it ‘boju boju’ we were playing this game one Saturday like that and I went to hide in my neighbours’ bathroom because we were playing the game in their house, somehow the door got jammed and I started crying. Nobody could open the bathroom at the end of the day we had to wait for my neighbour’s parents and they had to call a carpenter to open the door, my mom dealt with my brother that day and my neighbour was dealt with too and that was the day boju boju was banned.


Father Lord! This was my favourite, I played in the rain until I fell sick and my mom had to stop me but you can the troublemaking spirit in me I would sneak out of the house to play and when I was caught you don’t want to know the rest. Even the rain could not stop us from having fun.


I loved this part, I was always the scriptwriter and I enjoyed acting as the first daughter. I didn’t like being the mom it was so much responsibility, my laziness did not start today *LOL*. The cutest boy will be the dad but it was so much fun!


Maybe because I couldn’t run I never really liked this game but they must always involve me. Kids are arranged into two circles, one with one more member than the other. When a signal is given, they begin to run in opposite directions singing “fire on the mountain, run, run, run” until somebody screams or a whistle signals – “fire is up!” Then each player tries to get a partner from the other circle. After the scramble, the player without a partner is penalized to do certain stunts or made to squat in the centre of the circle. The removal process continues until one pair is left and the pair are crowned the winners.

These are games that made our childhood so much fun, I know there are others like monkey post, tinko tinko, who is in the garden, yoyo, rubber games and lot more. Please share with us your favourite game in the comment session.

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