It’s no longer news that the 90s fashion is really coming back and they are here to stay but this time around these fashion items are coming in a more civilized way and one of them is overall. Take it or leave it overalls are definitely adorable and if you know how to rock yours very well then you can make a bold fashion statement with cute ones. I’ve always assumed overalls were made for kids but recently I realized that if you know how to rock yours you can sure look classy and stylish.


What I love about the overall is that you can style it to your taste and you could make it a little formal or you could go all casual. The biggest thing about them is that they are always comfortable.  Here are some ideas on how to stay classy and look fashionable with your overall.

Overalls with shirts:

You could decide to go for a shirt in your overall, match it up with a flat shoe or a heeled sandal, get a nice clutch and you are good to go. You could rock it for a formal event or a casual date.

Overall with Tops:

This is another way to stay classy and simple. Get a nice top and match with your overall and with sneakers or you could even try a heeled sandal, you are good to go! Have a fabulous evening with that fashion statement. You could try a shortall with sneakers and have a wonderful time at the beach.

Overall with Crop Tops:

If you don’t mind revealing a little skin then crop tops are your best bet. You will definitely get heads turning with this outfit.

Overall with off shoulder:

With an off-shoulder you will surely a fashion statement, you can rock this outfit to a date or even the beach.

Overall with Jackets:

I know what you are thinking, I’m in the right senses. Fashion is about looking good even if it means daring new things. With a jacket, you are about to look like a real boss! Give it a try.


With my points, I hope I have convinced you that getting an overall is very important to your fashion ministry. You don’t have to sweat about trying to get one all you have to do is click here to check out our overalls and if you like shorts then our shortalls will keep you classy click here to buy. They are lovely and very affordable.

Don’t forget to wear your smile it is very important because your smile enhances your beauty.



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