Shoes are very important and they help make a fashion statement, shoes could either make or mar your outfit. After getting good shoes, the ones that are comfortable and stylish the main challenge becomes how to take care of them, it is quite painful when you get shoes and they can’t even last for a year. Whatever your choice of shoes are be it heels, boots, sneakers, loafers etc. here are some ways to give them a perfect life.

Get quality shoes

I understand the fact some shoes are quite expensive but if they are worth it why not go for the best brands that you can use for a long time. Quality shoes can handle much more wear and tear than a cheap pair, and you won’t have to keep replacing them so often.

Don’t use the washing machines to wash your shoes

Do not make a mistake of trying to wash your shoes with the washing machine, it will shrink the leather the best way to clean your shoes is to use an old toothbrush to clean the grooves in the outsole of your shoes and make sure you wash them immediately to avoid accumulation of dirt which will only make it harder to wash.

Stuff with newspaper

There are several benefits to stuffing your shoes with newspaper, like dealing with odour, drying them out if they get wet and preserving their shape.

Repair before you replace

When shoes have issues, don’t just throw them away yet all you have to do is to repair. So before you toss them away you might consider repairing.

Protect the soles

The soles of your shoes are very important as a matter of fact when getting shoes there is a need to check out for good soles. Soles are the one that go through the hard job when it comes to rocking your shoes so it is important to protect them.

Store in a safe place

To make your shoes last longer it is important that you store it in a safe place. It is very important to find the right spot to keep your shoes.

Moisturize your shoes

Moisturizing your shoes help prevent potential cracking due to damage. Just like you bought quality shoes, however, you want to get a quality shoe moisturizer. A quality shoe cream will absorb into the leather, nourish your shoes, and keep them fresh.

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