It’s on days like this that you begin to wonder what you are doing as a single guy/lady, a lot of people are getting ready to spend the weekend with boo/bae but you are all by yourself and it really sucks but I got news for you! You are not alone, don’t feel down. See it as the time to have fun all by yourself with no interruption and it’s an opportunity to do something exciting on your own.

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  1. Enjoy some movies: Get a bowl of popcorn and your favourite drink, charge your laptop or fuel your generator. Reach out to your friends who are experts at film downloads, get some movies from them and enjoy the night!
  2. Read a good book: if you are anything like me then this is the best way to spend your Friday night. Books can make your night great, get good stories that can make your night interesting. solo Friday night is the perfect time to get through a good chunk of a book you’ve been meaning to read, if not finish it entirely.
  3. Visit a bar: there is nothing bad about going out on all by yourself, it has not made you desperate. You could have a drink but sometimes you just want to be around people, visit a bar and have a chat with anyone that comes your way. You could go along with a pen and a jotter and write your experience, it’s going to be fun!
  4. Do a little exercise: it relaxes your mind and keeps you fit at the same time. You can decide to do it in the comfort of your home, get mobile apps that can help you do this.
  5. Club in your own house: You don’t have to go out before you club, you could just get some good music and dance all night. I owe you some songs that you will make you dance and sweat so stay tuned.
  6. Go on a date: If there is one boy eyeing you or there is a babe you have a crush on, it’s okay to invite her on a first date, read ideas for a first date. You never know where the first date might lead to so have fun!
  7. Go for an event: if there is a comedy show or a music concert then go and have fun. You could even meet a potential lover, your spouse will come to your room and knock, you have to go out to be found!

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