“With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability one can build a better world” – Dalai Lam

Diana was what you can beautiful maybe not the flashy and sexy kind of beautiful but she was fair to behold, her height was a 5’1 with a hair so long, dark and sleek; her hair had a way of making you turn around and want to check her out but as far as Diana was concerned that was the only good thing about her.

She was battling with a low self-esteem, she was a product of circumstance as she would have it, her parents met at a party got drunk and had sex her mom tried getting rid of the baby but she was warned that she would lose her womb if she tried to so she had to just keep the baby against her own wish.

Diana had to grow up with her grandmother as her mom never wanted to have anything to do with her, she was seen as a misfortune and a mistake and each time her mum came around she reminded her that she was a mistake and with each passing day Diana hated herself the more so she never bothered to care about her look or her dresses, she wanted to live life as it comes.

People treated her terribly, boys took advantage of her vulnerability at a point the only thought that came to her head was suicide because she felt nobody wanted her. It took years of counseling and self-discovery for her discover to how gifted she really was, she became an award-winning therapist who helped people come out of terrible situations.


We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves (Malcolm X)

The world sees you the way you see yourself and that was Diana’s problem for a long while she was not confident about who she was, she allowed the negative opinions of others get into her head and in turn, she became a living shadow.

Every morning when you are dressing and you look at yourself in the mirror let me ask you who do you see? If you see a great man the world will see a great man and if you see otherwise that is exactly what the world will see.
A lot of people’s self-worth reduces when challenges come knocking on their door or after they have failed. Just because you have failed has not made you a failure. Failure is just a stepping stone to your greatness it should increase your self-worth and not reduce it because you are not ordinary.
Self-worth boosts your self-confidence when you know what you worth nobody can treat like you are nothing, when you know your worth then it helps you to know that you can do anything to the best of your ability.


“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world (Lucille Ball)”.

Falling in love with yourself is very important if you want others to love you then you need to start loving yourself. Self-love will boost your self-worth. Until Diana loved who she was nobody valued her and when saw her self-worth, others respected her. Make it a habit to say sweet things to yourself, tell yourself you are a big deal and I bet your self-worth and value will keep increasing.
It does not matter where you are now don’t allow the failures and mistakes of your past define who you are or who you will be. Stand up and raise your head up high because you are a very important person and you’ve got a great future.

It’s a new week don’t forget to be confident and keep your heads high.

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