This is one movie that is unpredictable, you can’t see it coming. The storyline, acting and even directing was totally on point. Watching the trailer I was prepared for something so casual but I can Omoni Oboli beat my imagination in the movie.

The movie shows us that mothers would always go the extra mile for their children and some of them do not mind stepping on toes just to make their children happy. Funke Akindele surely brought in her A-game to this movie, she was so real and absolutely spectacular.

The movie was shot in Lagos, Nigeria and it brought out the beauty of the city, every location was carefully selected and totally on point.

The two mothers Omoni Oboli and Funke Akindele who are neighbours but never spoke to each other for two years simply because Omoni who acted Ebere had class and she felt Funke who played the role of Olaide was a local girl who didn’t belong with the rich. The two had kids who attended the same school and were in the class.

The battle became heated when their children had to compete with each other for the world scholars programme that will enable them to go for summer in London but somehow the children had the same score and the mothers would not allow one step down for the other so it became a tougher battle and the two kids had to take the test again.

At the end of the day, the two mothers had to come together and they sure fought for their children with all they had. A mother would do anything to protect her child.

Enough of the gist, you really need to go see it yourself. The movie is genuinely funny and each scenario is so connected to each other that they are funny by themselves. Moms at war is not just funny it had some moral lessons in it.

The characters did an excellent job, the continuity was amazing and even the directing was beautiful. We will score mom at war 80%. It’s a good watch. Omoni Oboli did beyond our expectations, she sure gave us value for our money.

The federal government of Nigeria has declared tomorrow Tuesday and next tomorrow Wednesday has a public holiday, I think it’s time to go enjoy this movie with your family or your friends and when you are done watching it please do tell us your experience. Don’t forget to look good!

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