The weekend is already here and one of the best ways to enjoy the weekend is by visiting a cinema, you can go with your friends or you can go with your partner and you can even go alone, whatever your choice is just make sure you have some fun.

I will be writing a review of the movie ‘Equalizer 2’… are you ready, hop on and ride with me

The movie is 129 minutes long that’s  over two hours but I can guarantee that it is so worth your time.

The movie is a sequel to equalizer 1 that was produced in 2004. Let me take you back the memory lane for equalizer 1.

Equalizer 1 featured Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, a seemingly unassuming worker at a big box store who just happened to be an ex-CIA agent with a particular set of skills that he would deploy on anyone who crossed paths with himself or any of his vague acquaintances. At one point, I remember that the store was robbed and one of the thieves took a co-worker’s cherished wedding ring. Luckily, thanks to his unique skill set, he figures out where the thief lives, visits him in the middle of the night with a hammer borrowed from the store stock and beats the guy with it before getting the ring back and returning it. His only true friends were Susan Plummer, former agency colleague who is the only person who knows he is still alive, and her husband Brian.

The second part is a bit juicy and this time around McCall is taking out a group of bad guys on a train bound for Turkey in a neat, efficient, brutal credits re-establisher. He decides to pick a quiet and isolated life, he’s become a driver for Lyft, the Uber-like taxi app, and this is thoroughly up his soul-searching street. He gets to exchange significant words with strangers, or hear snatches of their life stories, multiple times a day. If he doesn’t approve, they tend to know about it and God help you, you mess him while he is driving you, you are in some deep trouble.

The film starts on a train to Istanbul, with Washington in choice disguise as a straggly-bearded Muslim cleric, aiming to save the daughter of a neighbourhood bookshop owner from the spiteful clutches of her dad. He does this anonymously and without demanding credit in any way, though his trademark napkin-folding and stopwatch-clicking, prior to busting everyone’s heads in, may one day get him rumbled.

For help in choosing such tasks, he seeks the advice of his clued-in friend Susan (Melissa Leo) until she plunges into peril, and he also has a new long-term project in the shape of Miles, a local teenager played by Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders, who needs guiding away from a dangerous life on the street corners and has no one else to mentor him.

This movie is worth it, we really think Denzel Washington slayed in every second of this movie, and it is an awesome movie with a fantastic plot. If you did not see the first part don’t worry, you will perfectly understand so you don’t have to worry.

I think Denzel Washington deserves an Oscar for this movie!

If you love the sound of bones breaking, gun shots, skin shredding and blades piercing through the skin then this movie is just for you.

It is an action movie like never before, I will give this movie 85%. There were few boring fights but it was so worth it.

Enjoy this weekend with Equalizer 2 and let us know how you feel after watching. Don’t forget to look good while going to the cinemas, we have some casual wears that you can rock, click here to start shopping!

watch the trailer below:



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