I know what’s on your mind, you want to say “Did I hear you well?” yes, you heard me, we are having a 24-hr delivery for some of our products. This is no joke and we are here just for you, let me break it down for you.  You ordered for any product that falls into this category let’s say on Monday morning and by Tuesday morning it is delivered to your doorstep and you can bet we won’t disappoint you.

If you have a dinner date or an event to attend just find any product that falls into this 24 hour delivery category and you can be sure to go to that party stylishly and as you know our products definitely get heads turning.

Let’s do a quick recap on how to shop on PayPorte

  1. Log into fashion.payporte.com
  2. Go to the top corner at the right hand side, you will see three horizontal small lines click on it and go to log in or sign up. If you already have an account click on log in but if you are there for the first time then click on sign up and create an account, the process is quite simple fill in your details and continue
  3. Go back to shopping, find any product you want to buy, click on it and add to cart
  4. Once it is added to cart then go to your cart, your cart is at the top right side too
  5. Empty your cart by filling in your details, pay for your order
  6. You will get a mail that will inform you about your order
  7. When your order has been shipped and ready for delivery you will get another mail too.

It’s easy actually! Our giveaway is still going on and you can still win something big! Click here to know more about the PayPorte wow moments and how to win gifts.

Here are some of the products we have for 24 hour delivery. There is a link for each product so click on it and start placing your orders. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media handles where you can get information about our products at the snap of your finger.

  1. River Island sun glasses

2. Rebekah Dolphin shorts

3. Rose Ribbed Bodycon dress

3. leaf print dress

4. Shawl collar belted wrap dress

5. Dark mauve bodycon dress


6. Black square midi dress


7. Fashion genuine leather shoe for men8. black bodycon dress

9. blue shirt and navy tie

10. red Keyhole cut out jumpsuit


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