Blazers are definitely the best outfit when it comes to versatility. It depends on your taste and how you want to switch it up, you could decide to go casual or even go corporate it’s all about your taste and style.

When getting your blazers there are some things you need to put into your consideration

  • Your blazer should be fitted (not tight!) across your shoulders.
  • Consider your body shape
  • The sleeves of your blazer should hit mid-thumb when your arms are down at your sides.
  • Sleeve width can make all the difference in the way your blazer fits. Quick alterations may be all you need to take a slightly oversized jacket from looking baggy to polished.
  • From a fit perspective you should be able to button it without pulling—but it should still keep its shape when worn open.
  • Between sizes? Always size up. It’s much easier to make things smaller (via alterations) than to try and squeeze into a too small blazer.
  • You should be comfortable in your blazers



Bolero or cropped Blazer:

The bolero blazers are usually shorter than the usual blazers. These blazers can spice up the evening appeal by doing the layering right. It’s a perfect mix of fashion.

Long line Blazers

The longline blazer is longer and reaches up to the knee length. Grab this boldest cue as it can accentuate your style and showcase the silhouette at its best

Waterfall Blazers

The waterfall blazer has a feminine touch and is also the one that just flows just like the waterfall. The length is a little longer that is an add-on for the contemporary look.

Leather Blazer

The leather blazer is designed with a leather material. The distinctive color and style of it is all set to impress the crowd and pave a way for you in the fashion world.

One button blazer

The one button blazer is not filled with buttons for closing but has only one button. This style creates an impactful touch to get a delightfully polished yet a relaxed look

Single breasted blazer

The Single Breasted blazer comes with raw edge details and has only single-breasted done on the blazer. This blazer is a perfect choice and is totally a style caller.

Blazers are definitely a must have in any woman’s wardrobe and one interesting about them is that they are not so expensive, click here to buy your blazers and you can bet you are getting the best.


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