“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work” – Collins Powell.

Tina was passionate and committed, she had always dreamt of having her own fashion line and she really worked at it. She discovered her passion in her early days in the university where she studied Petrochemical Engineering, she wanted to look good and in turn, she realized she wanted others to look great too, she was the fashionista amidst her friends, and she shopped for them when they had parties to attend in school. She decided to learn fashion designing so that she can design nice wears, she did that in her third year.

Tina was very intelligent in fact she was one of the best in her department but she knew there was no way she was going to be fulfilled doing that course. After her graduation she was offered a job in the oil and gas sector with a good pay, there was no way she could convince those around her that she wanted more than money so she took the job and was living a very comfortable but she knew she had to do more for herself, she was fast losing it, she was not fulfilled.

She took a big step by resigning after working for three years in the oil and gas sector, everybody felt she was crazy but she was determined to try. She started her own fashion line but along the line challenges came, she didn’t make enough sales and she was fast running on a low bank account but she was determined, she knew it was never going to be easy but she had to keep trying everyone has laughed at her already, they all told her dreams were very crazy and they wondered how she was going to survive but she knew very well that every success story had challenges in some of its pages.

A year and a few months later she got her big break when a very influential and popular company wanted to do its fashion fair event, she decided to apply and fortunately she was picked to come and showcase her designs. Tina was the second runner-up for the event and that was how she got real clients before she knew it she was styling celebrities and the rest they say is history.

The path to success is never a very easy route, it is always going to be filled with thorns and briers, there are days that quitting is the only reasonable option but you can’t do that. Think of what you have done so far, think about the sacrifices you have made to get to this position, we never know how close we are to break through and that is what makes it a little bit challenging but every time you try harder you are a step closer.

It’s a new week full of opportunities and great victories. Keep trying, be diligent in your career, and in your office be faithful and committed.

You are closer to your success, just keep trying.

Photo credit: @iambisola


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