Friday is that day of the week a lot of us get to flaunt our casual wears and of course those native wears we’ve been hanging in our wardrobes.

I still wonder though, where did the style of going cultural on Fridays come from. When I entered the university, I was told Fridays were for natives probably because  Muslims worship on Friday and a lot of them would prefer going for service on natives I wouldn’t know but I fell for the lie that it was the school rule for students to wear natives on Fridays and I basically didn’t like natives because they made me look old and that was because my mom chose my styles but I had become so used to natives before I got to know it was all lies and the school never had a rule about dressing.

I decided to start choosing my styles and over time I fell in love with my native wears and I became a part of the club that subscribed for natives on Fridays and luckily I found a perfect tailor but here is the fun fact about natives you can wear them on your pants or top, it doesn’t have to be a complete wear so you can still stay classy while going cultural.

It doesn’t really have to be natives the whole idea is to go casual, you don’t want to overdress, and the goal of your Friday look is to stay casual. A lot of companies gives the liberty to wear what you like on Fridays no rules at all and even banks now subscribe for natives on Fridays too.

The goal is to look simple and classy for Fridays, don’t look so serious, its Friday so relax and enjoy because another week has ended. Don’t forget to let your shoes speak too, you could go for sneakers or sandals, it’s all about your preference.

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It’s Friday, don’t stop slaying!

Stay confident!

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