Fashion never goes out of trend, we only keep evolving and revolutionizing. Trends might have been forgotten for a century but they certainly have ways of coming back to new centuries. And guess what- they become the fashion trends everyone follows. This week, we take you back to those fashion trends from the 90s that have made a massive comeback and are now super-hot!

  1. High shoulders:

I remember the good old days of shoulder pads and I how felt so fly in them. The fashion felt like it was going into extinction in the early 20s but lo and behold the high waist is back with a big bang and it’s so stylish.

  1. High waist trousers:

If you were born in the 90s you will agree with me that high waist was a big deal back then and at a point, we couldn’t find them anymore but the evolution never ends, now it’s back and even better.

  1. Overall:

In the 90s overall was the hardcore of fashion and it was what made you cool and classy but now it is even more stylish as they can be worn with shirts, t-shirts and a hot pair of boot.

  1. Round Sunglasses:

The round sunglasses were popular back in the 90s but it’s back again with a lot of style and cuteness.

Natalie Portman in the 90s Vs. Zoe Kravitz now
  1. Crop-tops:

Cropped tops were pioneered by Madonna in the 80s and they stayed in trend till 90s. Back then, cropped tops were mostly worn over baggy jeans and were not so fitted. The thing these days about the comeback is the sexiness it brings. No longer are they for the tomboys back in the 90s, they are now for the sexy divas.

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