Summer is here already and gradually the rain is making way for the dry season, this is actually the best time to visit the beach.

If it’s a date or just chilling with the girls it could even be an outing with yourself, don’t feel bad it’s okay to take yourself out, enjoy your own company. Back to the gist, dressing for the beach could be a bit tough because you don’t know the perfect wear to go with.

The idea for looking good while visiting the beach is to get comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. When going to the beach, first of all forget your shoes. Go for flat sandals or slippers. You will most likely get sand in your shoes, and that is not a pleasant feeling. Sandals or flat slippers are definitely your best bet asides preventing sands they are also very comfortable and we definitely have great ones you can rock to the beach, click here and get yours.

Do not forget to carry sunscreen to shield your skin from the sun, sunglasses, a hat and/or an umbrella to protect you from the sun (or rain if that happens).

Asides getting comfortable you need to feel like a goddess in the sun, that you are going to the beach has not stopped you from looking hot and classy. Here are some beach wears you could go for and look amazing.

  1. Bikini and boubou: A boubou is a free, throw-on dress. You can wear a two-piece bikini under a translucent bikini. You can cover up and still look great.
  2. Bikini top and see-through chiffon skirt.If you want to show off your perky boobs, or if you have ugly stretch marks on your bottom that you are very conscious about, this look is for you. Pair a two-piece bikini with a see-through, flowing skirt. Wear your sunglasses and hat, and take lovely photos against the water with the wind playing with your skirt.
  3. Pretty little dress. You can wear a playful dress in any colour that suits you to the beach, whether it is white or royal blue. The trick to this look is that the dress should not be fitted. A free chiffon short dress will leave you looking like a tantalizingly playful princess by the water.
  4. A bikini: A bikini is always your best bet. It gives you that comfy and hot look and it is also your best idea when going to swim.

Try to go for clothes that will make you look good and the ones that flatters your body the most. The weekend is here already, don’t just at home it’s okay to have fun, go out and relax. You need beach wears then we’ve got you covered, click here start shopping.



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