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I waited all night, I kept checking my phone hoping he was going to call but somehow I slept off. I woke up the next morning with faith in my heart hoping I was going to see a missed call but unfortunately Stanley never called, I tried preparing for work but my mind kept wandering, I just couldn’t focus and it was already pissing me off but sometimes you have no control over your feelings, I’m basically that kind of that girl you can call a geek or a nerd, I don’t even know how to use a lipstick (Yeah, I’m that terrible) but on some occasions when Teju has my time she insists I do a little make up before leaving the house and of course she is my makeup artiste.

I usually drop Teju off since our offices are quite close to each other and if you are wondering how I got a car, don’t stress your pretty head after my dad died my mom insisted I use his car, she insisted because she felt driving that car will always bring my dad closer, I’m yet to understand that ideology but somehow I fell in love with the car and I have refused to sell it even when it gave some issues, that car had a way of reminding me of my dad and I wanted it to stay that way.

The minute Teju got settled in the car the first thing she asked was if Stanley called but somehow I let out my frustration about the fact that he had not called, she looked at me like a little girl whose mom scolded for what she didn’t do, it was at that point I knew Teju has seen through my mind and typical Teju she said “You like him already”, I screamed “No” and I had to step on my brakes because I lost my mind, I didn’t see that statement coming I know Teju has a big mouth but I was just not in the mood. The car jerked forward and Teju insisted I parked the car and allow her drive but I told her it was okay, she then advice that I place a call according to her it’s no big deal. I told her I’ll think about it and with that the rest of the journey to the office was a smooth one because Teju was able to bring up some gist that got me settled but that was just for a while.

I wish I had not made that call but I wanted to trust Teju and believe it was no big deal, after all Teju bumped into him so I could use that as an excuse. I called him when I got back from the office with my heart beating so fast, it was ringing and I silently wished he would not pick even though I was dying to hear his voice. He picked up and the sound of his baritone voice was enough to make me giggle and dumbfounded, this guy has got it all damn! I just knew he was trouble.

I managed to find my voice and did a little introduction, immediately he said he was so sorry he didn’t call, he claimed he lost my number and he had been secretly wishing I called, I asked him what happened to Facebook or Instagram or even linkedIn since I told him my full name but he apologized and told me to drop the call, that it should be his call. He called back and we spoke for more than 15 minutes that day.

We spoke every day from that day and we became real friends but because of our busy schedules we had to stick to phone conversations, about two weeks later he invited me for a date, I was nervous but Teju had me covered, she chose my outfit she insisted I must look great so we decided to order for an evening dress on PayPorte, we settled for a short zigzag printed wrap dress which was brown in colour and it was delivered the next day.

Teju took care of my makeup, she made sure I really look good and trust me Teju is a Pro when it comes to makeup. I wore a black small block heeled sandal because I wanted to be comfortable, I decided to go for a bold pair of earrings that was silver and with my black clutch I was ready for the night.

I wasn’t ready to give him my address so I told him I would meet him at the restaurant even though Teju wasn’t cool with that but I told her I was being careful, I wish I was but the chemistry I felt for Stanley was already making me loose my mind, I know it’s crazy but I just couldn’t explain it maybe it was because I was naïve but no guy has made me feel the way he does.

I got the restaurant and he was waiting already, he looked good in the blue shirt he wore, he matched it with a pair of denim Jeans, this guy will look good in almost anything. He hugged me briefly and it felt he should just keep me in his arms. He ordered for fried rice while I ordered for chicken and chips with milk shake, we talked over our food, we discussed our families and he told he has a younger sister he loves so much, he was born in the Uk and he is 29, the fun part was when he told he was ready to settle down but he has not found the right woman, I knew what he was going to say next and I hope my guess was right. He held my hands, a lot of imaginations ran through my mind at that instant, his hands were so warm and gentle. He looked into my eyes and said “There is something about you Ella from the moment I set my eyes on you, I wanted you to be mine but the silly me lost your number and I was so mad at myself, I only prayed that you will call and you did, I felt like a King that evening. These past weeks has been the best and I know you feel the same for me too. Let’s give what we have a chance, I need you in my life Ella, your smile can lighten up a broken soul”.

I was dumbfounded, those words got me. He was looking into my eyes for a reply but I sheepishly said I was going to think about it and he said I can take all the time I need. I told I had to go that it was getting late, he walked me to my car holding my hands and somehow I just didn’t want him to leave my hands. He gave me a hug and we kept stirring at each other. He lips landed on mine and I took them all in, it was soft and warm, I had dreamt of my first kiss for a while but what I felt that night was different. It felt so perfect. He drew me closer and I rested on his chest, he whispered to my eyes and said “should I take this as a Yes” and I shyly just nodded my head, he brought me closer and he kissed me again but this time the kiss felt so heavenly.

I know what you are thinking “I am cheap”, may be it was because I was so naïve or the chemistry I felt, I only wished I have not made a mistake but it felt so right, I was in high spirits. I was parking my car when his call came in, I picked and when he said “My queen” my heart melted again, I told him I just got home and I will call him when I settled in.

Teju was waiting for me in the sitting room, I was singing when I got in, she looked at me and said “The day went really well, I can see but please don’t tell me he asked you out and you said yes” I know it is stupid but I was in love and that was all that mattered. I told Teju I was too tired and I needed to rest but she gave me that her mischievous look and I knew she would not take a No.





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