It’s another Thursday and it’s time for throwbacks. Today we are ready to give you that nostalgia emotions as we down the memory lane, the days when Tade Ogidan was the king of Nollywood, you will agree that Tade Ogidan was and he is still a don in film making.

Tade Ogidan who once worked in NTA left the company in 1990 to start his OGD pictures where he wrote produced and directed hit movie projects like Hostages, Owo Blow, Diamond Ring, Out Of Bounds, Raging Storm, 7 – 12, Playing Games, Saving Alero, Dangerous Twins, Madam Dearest, Ayo Mi Da and Family On Fire, most of which are multiple award-winners in and outside Nigeria..

We are throwing back to those days and we have decided to remind you of 5 of his great movies.

  1. Family on fire: This was a very interesting movie, the movie featured stars like Lanre Hassan, Saheed Balogun and Sola Fosudo. A young man, Kunle (Saheed Balogun) commits a grievous act that leaves his family members in anguish. In Lagos, Kunle hides cocaine in his mother’s (Lanre Hassan) baggage before she pays a visit to his siblings, including the eldest brother Femi (Sola Fosudo) in London. His mother narrowly escapes from the British immigration officers. Watch the trailer below.

2. Diamond Ring: This follows the story of a young boy who followed the crowd in turn was at the verge of losing his life if his parents surpasses a deadline given to them

3.Dangerous Twins: Dangerous Twins was another epic movie, the film narrates the story of identical twins, Taiye and Kenny (Ramsey Nouah). Taiye is based in Lagos with his wife, (Stella Damasus) and his three children while Kenny is based in London. The agony of a marriage without children, after several years frustrates Kenny to convince Taiye to come to London in other to impregnate his wife due to his (Kenny) low sperm-count. However, more problems result. Kenny betrayed his twin brother’s trust and violence follows. Watch below.

4. Madam Dearest (Aya mi owon): This was an amazing movie, it was realeased in 2005. The film was about a couple who had been childless for 8 years but loved each other deeply. One thing led to the other and the husband was imprisoned while in prison his wife was under so much pressure, she married the houseboy who in turn impregnated her but the tables turned when there was a change in government and the husband was released from the prison. Hit play and watch the rest of the movie.

5. OGD all stars novelty music project: Tade Ogidan sure warmed our hearts with the release of a music project where he featured a lot of movie and even music celebrities. The album includes songs like Aiye le, Gbemisoke, Ajakubo, Baby Jowo etc. watch Aiye le below.

If there is any Tade Ogidan movie you watched and it was not mentioned just drop it in the comments session and let’s give ourselves a quick reminder.


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