Gone were the days when it was so hard finding the perfect dress as a plus sized lady, a lot of women depended on tailors to look good but thank God for our designers being a plus sized is no big deal anymore as you can now shop for amazing outfits that perfectly fit.

Plus sized women really slay these days and I’m sure a lot of slim ladies now feel intimated but the secret is being confident in whatever outfit you desire to go for. There are some rules that will really enhance your beauty, make heads turn and get you all the accolades you deserve.

Being plus sized means you have some nice curves and it is okay to flaunt them, one major idea is finding the right clothes that does not flatter but keeps your shape intact and in the right proportion.

  • Your underwear is very important: It is important you go for underwear (s) you are comfortable in, don’t choke yourself with shape wears that will make you feel so uncomfortable. The rule is this get well fitting bras and panties, this helps you avoid awkward lumps and don’t forget to feel confident about your underwear.
  • Don’t be scared of colours: just because you are plus sized does not mean you can’t experiment with colours, don’t go for boring colours. Black has a way of giving you a slim look don’t rely on it for so long, white is not a bad idea, it doesn’t really make you bigger if you find the right fabrics. Avoid thin or light fabrics which will highlight any bumps. Instead, pick materials with substance and structure; not only will they provide support, but that extra thickness will ensure your undies are not transparent whenever you’re in the sun. Don’t hide your shape in dull colours, its okay to go for bright colours.
  • Avoid cloths are too tight or too loose: Shapeless clothes will definitely make you shapeless. Baggy clothes will make you appear larger while a tight clothes will accentuate and make your bumps so obvious.
  • Improve your outfits with accessories: use pretty accessories to enhance the beauty of outfits, avoid small or dainty pieces of jewelries they give you the appearance of being out of proportion. You can use belt around your waist this gives you that stylish look.

There are some Nigerian celebrities who are plus sized and they are sure flaunting your curves well and this women should give you some inspiration this morning.


Foluke Daramola
Ibironke Ojo Anthony
Eniola Badmus rocking a Midi



Be very confident in your outfits, this is most important thing, it naturally enhances your beauty. Don’t be intimated when you see a slim lady and you don’t have to kill yourself while trying to slim down, you are beautiful just the way you are! It’s okay to work out and stay in shape but don’t compete with anyone, being a plus sized is actually a blessing.

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