Shoes! I can’t get over them all of the time, they just have a way of making fashion statements. No matter how gorgeously dressed you are without shoes you are not complete, they can complement or ruin your outfit so there is a need to carefully choose your shoes. Beyond the fashion it does a great job in protecting and comforting our feet.

Shoes have become versatile over time and designers are doing a great job in making sure people are comfortable and classy. There are different shoes for different seasons and occasions, it’s all up to you to make your choice (s).

When getting your shoes, be careful and be patient and make sure you go for colours that will complement your outfits.

In the world of business, shoes that won’t blister your feet are very important. Many women that walk a far distance bring slippers for the walk and change into dress shoes once they arrive at their place of employment. When they do make that change, it’s not often that you’ll see them change into any type of high heel. Times have changed now, it’s certainly not like it used to be when all women would be in the high heeled shoes. Today’s business world will see women wearing lower and fatter heels in order to protect their feet and they still maintain that formal look.

If attending an event such as a wedding or other banquet type party, the high heeled shoes make a grand return. Most women will wear them to complement their dresses. They will either match or contrast with the dress that they have chosen to wear and when choosing your heels make sure you pick the ones you are comfortable in so that you don’t look like a chicken, wedges do a fantastic job in this department compared to stilettos.

Sandals are the shoes of the rainy season especially the rubber ones. Nicely pedicured feet are just waiting to show off in those shoes that are nothing much more than padding and straps. Toes could be painted a variety of colors which adorn the clothing and style choices.

Shoes are the defining piece that creates a style. They make a statement and add function to fashion. They can make your feet feel like their floating in the clouds or they can put a punch line on a flashy number. Style is defined by every piece of the outfit including the shoes.

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Let’s your shoes speak for you, start shopping and keep smiling.



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