One word I can use to describe blazers would be versatile, you could switch it from being formal to being casual, it’s all about your taste, Blazers are available for male and also for female but how do you look stylish in a blazers? Here are some tips on how to rock a blazer for men.


A lot of people really confuse the two but they are actually different, the blazer is a step lower than the suit jacket, a blazer is not made with a matching pair of trousers. Blazers have a looser fit compared to suit jackets. They are also not as structured, especially in the shoulder area.


Before you settle for a blazer there are some things you should consider, you need to pay attention to the type of blazer, how it fits and the colour you want to settle for.


Double breasted blazers

There are different types of blazers but the double breasted and the two-button are more classic, while getting a blazer you need to put into consideration whether you will be wearing it for casual events or formal gatherings. Other types of blazers are printed blazers, side button blazers, velvet blazer, party wear blazer and simple blazers.


Another point to consider is how the fitness of the blazers, a great blazer must fit well. To get an awesome blazer that isn’t too loose or too tight, watch out for some of these signs.

Too Tight:

  • If the blazer pulls and forms an “X” when buttoned.
  • If the shoulders and sleeves of the blazer will be tight and have pulls.

Too Loose:

  • If the shoulders either extend past your natural shoulder or have a wrinkled and disheveled appearance.
  • If the cuffs of the jacket go past your knuckles.


While getting your blazers, be very careful about your colour selection, check your wardrobe to know the colours that will fit the pants you have. Gray, black and navy are most versatile.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing with you on how you can style your blazers so stay glued. You need to get amazing, stylish and awesome blazers for price that are affordable, click here and let’s put a smile on your handsome face.

Image (s) source: Verified  fashion, PayPorte fashion and Pinterest



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