Some days will be tough

Some will be rough

Others will be perfect

You have to keep going


Failure will come your way

People will disappoint you

Challenges will make their nest with you

Like birds you want to fly away

You have to keep going


Mountains you will have to climb

The valleys are there too

Strength might fail you

You just have to keep going


Don’t stop the tears

It’s okay to cry

It’s all a part of the process

When you are done crying

Move on and get going

You have to keep going


The road to success is not so smooth

The journey is not always going to be filled with roses and petals

Success is not always an easy route

You have to keep going anyway



At the end of the day

You will smile if you keep going

Success will come your way

You are stronger than you know

Greatness is who you are


Keep fighting

Keep believing

Keep pushing

This is your Monday reminder that

Whatever life throws at you

You can achieve your dreams

Keep going!


image source: Moveme Quotes


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