I can’t get over that day, that beautiful evening I bumped into you and that encounter was enough to make my year already, even though December was still far away but did it matter anyway?

That evening, my annoyingly sweet roommate Teju decided to drag me out and join her shopping as the groceries we had was almost finished that was enough to convince me to follow her even though I knew she had other plans. I’m a deep introvert so getting social was not my thing. My name is Emmanuella by the way but everybody calls me Ella, I spend my day reading books and probably watch movies once in a while but I’ll rather be on my bed reading books or work. I love my job so much, I work with Gray global system as the human resource consultant, my job is demanding and challenging but that’s why I love it and the pay is enough to settle the bills and even keep my family together.

I am the first of two children, my dad died in my third year in the university after battling with prostate cancer for two years and the sickness really consumed a lot of money but he died after all. Loosing daddy was a big shock, he was fighting so hard. I was his princess being his only daughter, l I was close to him, he was my best friend, imagine what losing him felt like.  Gosh! I still miss him and I know my younger brother Emmanuel does too, we both tried to move as we helped each other through the trying phase but my mom couldn’t and she suffered depression after dad died. I had to work hard to keep my brother in school and to get good treatment for mom because we lost all, we were left in debts when dad died.

My younger brother is years younger and I love him so much, my parents found it difficult to have a child, mum said she had me after 7 years of marriage and my younger brother came five years which explains our Yoruba names, I was given Eri-Oluwa (Testimony) and my brother Iyanu-Oluwa (Miracle). I loved my family so much.

After I graduated from the university, it was not hard getting a job because of my dad’s influence and with the fact that I had a second class upper so it was quite easy getting into Gray Global as an assistant human resource consultant and two years later I was promoted after the human resource personnel left. It’s been a very challenging ride but that’s my dream job something demanding and challenging, I never go for the easy ones, I guess I picked that from my dad who died as a Mechanical Engineer with Chevron, even when he was diagnosed with cancer he was still very diligent and dutiful with his job until he couldn’t work anymore and he always made time for his family, how daddy does it is one thing I’m yet to understand because with my job I can’t remember the last time I went out or hanged out with my friends. I have very few friends to start with, my circle has always been small.

Back to my story, we were done shopping but while heading out Teju who is an extrovert and who would easily get carried away when she is talking obviously forgot to look at where she was going and bumped into an innocent man but really is innocent the right word to use for him?

He was 5ft tall and broad-shouldered, he is that kind of Denzel Washington chocolate-type skin dude with a sculpted to perfection haircut and those beards it looked so perfect, but there was something about his eyes when he apologize to us, what man would apologize? Teju was clearly the guilty one she bumped into him.

This guy was different, he was so calm and he smelled good, that cologne must be damn expensive. He looked so lovely in the denim he wore and the Brown Tee he wore looked as if it was tailored for him, I said to myself “How can a man be this fine?” I can’t believe I froze and it was so embarrassing but he waved it off and smiled at me, he said his name was Stanley.

Teju apologized to him and he said it was okay, he said he was guilty too, we exchanged pleasantries and he asked for our contacts, he said it was not a coincidence that he bumped into us, we smiled at his sense of humour. We waved him goodbye but somehow the images of Stanley could not leave my head.

You can trust Teju she teased me about tripping for Stanley, I tried denying it but she claimed I froze when I saw him and I suddenly became deaf and dump when he was talking that’s Teju for you, that girl knows me so well. I’ve never had a boyfriend because I don’t have time for boys and my mom has not stopped pressuring me to bring a man even when I’m just 25, mothers’ sha.

I wanted love but where was the time? I was too scared of getting my heart broken so I chose to be naïve and be by myself. I secretly hoped and prayed Stanley would call, even though he gave me his card, I didn’t want to be the one to make the first call so I prayed he called.


Ella’s Story continues next week….



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