It’s another beautiful Wednesday and you know Wednesdays are for strong women. Today we are crushing on a lady who is very hardworking and has a very large heart, she is a lady you just cannot but love. Franca is your typical life of the party kind of the girl and with her presence you can’t have a dull moment but that’s not all about her, she is very hardworking and highly dedicated to her job and that is why we are crushing on the pretty Franca.

In this interview with PayPorte blog, she talks about her career, her childhood dreams and lots more. The fun part of the interview is that today is actually her birthday, please do well to drop a birthday wish for her.

Enjoy the interview.

How you feeling today? Let me start by wishing you a happy birthday.

Franca: Aww, thank you so much. I’m super excited to see another year. This year started on a rough part for me but somewhere in between God showed up and I am so grateful, my heart is filled with gratitude to God.

That’s really good to know. Tell us something about you.

Franca: I’m Franca Ezugworie from Enugu State. A graduate of Agric Economics from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State. I almost forgot, I was born July 18th and yes, it’s my birthday (smiles).

What was your childhood dream?

Franca: (Laughs) I had plenty dreams o. as a child, I wanted to be a doctor then when I became a teenager I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer and as time progressed I wanted to be Pharmacist but here am I, it’s all fun though. You are allowed to dream as a child but you end up realizing that you have to take life as it comes and you keep believing in yourself.

Why Agricultural Economics?

Franca: I was a bit confused and that was like the sweetest course available plus my dad liked the course too so that was what I chose and I was given.

Studying Agricultural Economics, how was the journey?

Franca: It was not an easy one, we had difficult lecturers and it was a course people feared in my school. It was a calculating course and I wasn’t really friends with calculations, I had issues but I was able to pick up and at the end of the day it was worth it, I had fun finally. Another thing, my final year was farm work all through, we worked with different agricultural sectors like cultivating, the poultry, fishery and all of that but in all it was a learning phase.

What was growing up like?

Franca: Growing was full of experiences, we had to travel a lot. I can humbly say I’ve covered like 20 states in Nigeria and that’s more than half (smiles). Growing up was fun!

What was your worst and best experiences in your undergraduate days?

Franca: My worst experience would be in my year one when I had a roommate who got mixed up with some cultists and I had to leave the school for one week and that was really tough. My best experience would be in my final year when I had my project defense, the project was really tough but I was really able to defend it so well then I got an A, that’s was ecstatic.



When did you join PayPorte?

Franca: 1st of February 2016

Was PayPorte your first working experience?

Franca: No, I’ve worked as a Personal assistant, Management staff for a restaurant and I’ve also worked in the entertainment industry.

That’s a lot of experience. What do you do for PayPorte?

Franca: I’m a Fashion Stylist and a Store Manager

What pushes you to work hard especially with PayPorte?

Franca: I see a good future with this company, the rate of growth thesev years has been so rapid and I do believe that PayPorte is really going places. We will get to understand the magnitude of the brand we are building because the brand is really worth sticking with, I love PayPorte! I’m also glad to be a part of the team that made see Gobe and Double wahala edition of Big brother Naija a success.

How do you deal with colleagues who are not as goal driven as you are?

Franca: Encourage the colleague to work and if they are not yielding, I step in and do the job, truth is, we all can’t be the same.

How has PayPorte helped your growth as an individual?

Franca: The amount of growth I have experienced these two years has been overwhelming, I’ve met amazing people. I’ve even able to wine and dine with celebrities. I’ve been exposed, I have seen myself become a better person. It’s been a great experience.

What pushes you to do more?

Franca: I have to make my mom proud, she has been through a lot and I hope to do my best to make her happy. I also have a younger sister who looks up to me and I know I have to be the best and that pushes me to do a lot more.

What are your hobbies?

Franca: Watching TV, Reading, dancing and having fun!

What are your words of encouragement to the person reading this?

Franca: Always believe in God, Love the people around you, love your family, be hopeful things might be so tough but be thankful because at the end of the day you will be look back and be glad you didn’t give up.

Thank you so much for your time Miss Franca and you look good by the way

Franca: awwww, it’s a pleasure!

Happy birthday once again and we wish your heart desires this New Year. Do well to send our cakes and drinks.

Franca: Thank you so much and Amen to your prayers. Bring gifts too, I’m available for surprises (laughs)







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