It’s been a cold day, the mild downpour didn’t help matters at all but we are still strong all the same, the weather is a catalyst. Let’s talk about fashion after all it’s a beautiful Tuesday.

We discussed about knowing your body shape, if you missed the article click here to read up. Now that you know your body shape then what next? The next step is to know what clothes will look good on you, there is a need to play up your assets and downplay some areas, that’s the secret to looking good! Fashion is about how expensive a cloth is, it is about how well it suits you! You could get an expensive good and look ugly in it if it doesn’t match your body shape.

Hop on and let’s learn, I promise it’s going to be an interesting ride.


They are also called carrot, the shoulders ar0e larger than the hips. The singing and stylish sensation Waje is a great example of this body shape and she sure does justice with her outfits.

Characteristics of Inverted triangle

  • Small hips and thighs with little bum
  • Slim legs and ankles
  • Shoulders are wider than the hips
  • Most of your weight is carried on top, your shoulders and bust.
  • A very defined waist

Tips for Tops

  • Low cut neckline like V-neck helps show off your neck which is a slim part of your body, don’t go for a boat neck.
  • Wear tops with a defined waist line or define your waist with a belt
  • Wrap tops and dresses are equally great, it adds curves to your hips.
  • Try Prints especially vertical stripes but make sure they are dark coloured.

Tips for bottom

  • Wear bright colours for your bottom areas
  • Wear trousers/skirts with pockets on the side or front help balance out your body
  • Go for A-line/flared/bubble skirts as they help to fill out the little hips you have or give the illusion of wider hips
  • Your legs are slim so feel free to show them off.


  • Tops with thick layered fabrics.
  • Tops with exaggerated shoulders like puffy sleeves or shoulder pads.
  • Necklines that cover up your neck like a turtle neck top/dress.
  • Skinny jeans but if you must, wear a top that adds to your hips like a peplum top.
  • Skirts that are too short, or they will make your top look heavier than is.



They are also called Ruler, Newspaper, straight or athletic shape, the waist is the smallest part of the body. One very interesting about them is that they can get away with almost anything, just be careful not to make your straight/wide waist look more undefined.The beautiful artiste and now fashion designer Mo’cheddah is a great example of this body shape and being a fashion designer she hardly goes wrong with her outfits, another great example of this body shape is the singing bird Simi.

Characteristics of Rectangle shape

  • Legs are shapely and probably one of the greatest assets
  • Hips and bust are balanced and the waist is not very defined.
  • The waist is the smallest part of the body
  • The bust and shoulders are around the same size


Tips for Tops

  • Long jackets gives a lean look
  • Tops with collars, ruffles and details helps to flatter your chest
  • Go for scoop or sweetheart necklines for your neckline, these necklines help add curves to your top half and make you look more feminine.
  • Crop Tops are very good for you
  • Layering helps add some dimensions and curves to your straight body shape. Be open to tops & dresses with frills.
  • Define your waist, it helps make your body shape into more of an hourglass. Do this with belts, a wrap top or a wrap dress.
  • Textured sleeves help create roundness around your extremities and this will help you look more feminine and rounded.

Tips for Bottom

  • Pencil skirts with a slide slit shows off your legs and creates a virtual interest
  • Wearing trousers/skirts with pocket details help add volume around your hips.
  • Flared leg jeans/trousers help give your lower body a little more shape.
  • Go for bright colours.


  • Clothes that are too tight, it’ll emphasise your straight shape.
  • Tops with a square neckline, it’ll make you look straighter especially if you have broad shoulders too.
  • Dropped waistlines, they make your waist look lower and more straight.
  • Double breasted jackets or risk looking a little manly.
  • Straight cut trousers will make you look straighter, unless you balance it with some volume on top.
  • Straight dresses could also be unflattering.


Apple shape is another interesting body shape, the shoulder and hips are about the same size. The Nollywood stylish and talented actress Funke Akindele is a great example of this body shape, she is a slim apple shape and another beautiful example is the talented and georgeous actress Eniola Badmus.

Characteristics of Apple shape

  • Most of the weight accumulates above the hips which are narrow but the weight forms around the mid-section which is the stomach
  • Broad shoulders and you feel wider
  • bust size varies from average to large
  • Your legs are your best asset!

The waist is the widest part of your frame and so there is no waist definition. To look your best, you must aim to deflect attention from your midsection and create a more defined waist with what you wear.

Wearing clothes that add curves and fullness to your lower body and taper your top half help you achieve this balanced look.

Tips for Tops

  • Wear V-neck tops that creates an illusion of a longer turso
  • Use a belt on any top to cinch you in at the waist.
  • Wrap tops and jackets work great as well to define your waist.
  • Cropped jackets are also a great way to define your waist. If you wear a full length jacket, wear a top with a flattering print inside or draw attention to your waist with a slim belt inside or over the jacket.
  • Wear empire tops and dresses to conceal your tummy bulge

Tips for bottom

  • Fuller skirts work best to fill out your hips.
  • Wear a pencil/straight skirt with a peplum top to give you a smaller looking waist and show off your legs.
  • Pencil/straight skirts with a full bottom also help to accentuate your hips.
  • Wide leg trousers also help fill out your hips but balance a slim leg trouser with a top that defines your waist, like a peplum top
  • Wear shorter skirts to show off your legs and draw attention away from your mid-section.


  • Big tops and jackets
  • Shapeless dresses with no waist definition
  • Tight t-shirts and blouses

We will talk another the other two body shapes next week so stay glued we’ve always got you covered. To get your best fashion items at an affordable rate just click here, you will definitely get the best!










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