It’s a rainy Tuesday and it’s that day of the week where we get to celebrate our beautiful and assiduous Campus ambassadors, today is not different as we shine the Spotlight on an intelligent and talented Young man, one of PayPorte’s campus ambassadors representing the University of Ibadan. He is Sotonye Stephen, a student of Sociology and a professional Photographer, in this interview with PayPorte Blog, he talks about how he has been managing his career and academics, what growing was like admist other.

Do enjoy the interview!


PPB: Sotonye!!! It’s nice having you on board, so tell us something about you

Sotonye:  My name is Stephen Sotonye Michael. I’m a 300level Sociology student of the prestigious university of Ibadan. I’m also a multiple award winning photographer.

PPB: Where are you from??

Sontoye: I hail from Rivers State.

PPB: What was growing up like

Sotonye: Growing up was fun for me because I’m the last child of three children and I was usually pampered by my mum so I enjoyed some certain privileges (smiles)

PPB: I understand, all the last born privileges, so let me ask, Why sociology??

Sontoye: During my secondary school days, I’ve always wanted to study international relations in the university but University of Ibadan doesn’t offer the course and my dad said it is either university of Ibadan or nowhere else (very funnny) so I had to pick a course from the social sciences. Political science wasn’t an option for me because my brother studied the course (smiles). Economics and geography too wasn’t an option because I never liked them so I was left with psychology and sociology, I just went for Sociology. I’ll most likely do my masters program in international relations.

PPB: That’s great, do you have any regrets studying the course?

Sontoye: No regrets at all! It’s been exciting and also hectic too but God has been helping me.

PPB: Are you are a photographer on a professional level?

Sotonye: Yes I am. I’m the creative director at Tonye Photography. Our Instagram handles are @officialtonyephotography and @tonyephotographyweddings

PPB: Wow… That’s good, so how do you manage that with your academics?

Sotonye: I must say that it’s not easy combining both school and work but I try to balance the two together by most times sacrificing one for the other but it’s been an exciting ride, I’ve won different awards so really it’s been fulfilling.


PPB: Why Photography?

Sotonye: I’ve always loved taking pictures of people while growing up and when I got the opportunity to learn the basics of photography, I grabbed it with all of me (smiles).

PPB: Can we see some of your works?

Sotonye: yeah sure, I’ve been privileged to take some celebrities.

PPB: They are beautiful! Awesome! So, what motivates you as an individual?

Sotonye: I motivate myself every day because I strive to break new grounds daily and that keeps me going.

PPB: So tell me, how has your stay in UI been?

Sotonye: (Breathes heavily and smiles) my stay in UI has been adventurous and very stressful too. There’s this popular saying that if you didn’t attend the University of Ibadan then you went to a tutorial This statement is actually very true because UI can frustrate someone with all the strikes, early morning classes, trekking( UI is very big) etc. But overall, it has been worth the while and I’m proud to be a Uite, I really can’t wait to graduate.


PPB: That’s great! Who is your role model?

Sotonye: My parents are my role models. They’ve instilled in me so many virtues that has helped to shape my life and these virtues have guided me through the right path. They are my heroes’ ❤❤

PPB: That’s good to know, what’s your experience being a PayPorte campus ambassador?

Sotonye: It’s been an amazing experience being a part of the Payporte family. The accolades I get from people increased a whole lot and people tend to see me in another light entirely. I’m super honored to be a part of this great family.

PPB: How has the journey been with PayPorte so far??

Sotonye: The journey has been worth the while. I cannot forget the 3 days induction experience we had at the HQ. I’m thankful to PayPorte for finding me worthy of being an ambassador for the brand.


PPB: Thank you for your time but before we wrap up this interview, what are you final words?

Sotonye: If there’s one thing that has helped me thus far, it’ll be the value I place on myself and my brand. To budding enterpreneurs, I’ll advice that you know your worth and don’t compromise for anything. This will take you farther than your imagination. Thank you for having me!


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  • Okolie Anthony
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    You deserve some accolades bruv 🙌🙌🙌… Great stuff 👌


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