Gone were the days when wearing hats made you look all churchy and old or you are one of those girls who thinks “I just can’t wear a hat, it just doesn’t look good on me” I can feel you girl but I’m sorry you are so WRONG. I really understand you, hats were not really my thing but the hats is really going civilized and the fashion world is advancing with new and beautiful inventions, so hats are not so bad after all, allow me to convince you.

  • ·       Wide brimmed straw hat looks so amazing at the beach and the fun part is that it gives you an extra protection from the sun, this particular hat keeps you from the scotching sun, you can have all the fun and be protected, isn’t that cool? I bet it is.

·        When your hair is misbehaving, throw them in a cap, a turban will do though. You don’t have a bad hair day, caps have got you covered.

·        Beanie styles are surprisingly feminine looking and if you have a long hair do well to rock this cap, even if it’s a long hair you fixed this cap will do you a huge favour in enhancing the hair and your beauty.

·        Hats protects you from elements, come rain or sunshine with a hat or cap you are good to go!

·        Beret? You need to be that girl who makes a statement with your look then you can rock a beret and make heads turn.

·        Hats make you more lady like, hats made with heavy weight materials enhances your feminism, and it gives you that smart lady look!

·        It even looks lovelier on jackets and blazers, try rocking it to church on a Sunday morning and see the results, don’t forget to give me a thank you note!

Zainab Balogun

·        You can conveniently make a fashion statement with a hat and by the way celebrities wear them so why can’t you?

With these few points of mine, I hope I’ve been able to convince that you really need a hat in your life, I know you want to get some and I have an answer to that, just click here to get yours.


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