It’s a beautiful Friday and it’s our love Friday, today we are talking about a very sensitive topic that has affected a lot of people, the interesting part of this article is that I’ve been a victim of it and I have stylishly zoned some people in my life so you are in safe hands, get your mind prepared and let’s learn together.

Have you liked someone so much and you were there waiting for the right time to ask, only for you to discover that you have been in kept in a zone. Let me tell you a story

David met Cynthia at a programme and like that they connected, they became best of friends. Cynthia was so comfortable discussing all her issues with him and he in turn gave her a shoulder to lean on, they became so close that they could hardly go few hours without communicating but there was a little problem, Cynthia was gradually seeing David as a big brother she could discuss all her issues with, she will gladly tell him about the guys asking her out and Uncle too will in turn give her brotherly counsel but the real problem was that he loved her not as a brother but as a lover but because he was being careful of losing her, he had to get used to being  her big brother and just like that David was brother zoned.

I’ve seen and heard of stories like theirs where the lady or the guy was zoned by the one they have grown to love but truth be told it takes two people to successfully zone each other. You like a lady and she keeps telling you that you are like a big brother and you are not complaining and the funniest part is a lot of us will gladly take up a position nobody assigned you to.


There is this very funny zone I got to know when I was in school, it’s the spiritual brother zone. A girl you can want to marry you are busy doing counseling up and down for her and she is gradually putting you in a zone without you knowing, don’t get me wrong it’s okay to counsel but make your intentions known, the problem with this relationship is that a lot of times, these ladies like this guy in question but because he keeps acting like the alpha and omega they assume he can never like them. Stop taking a position God did not dash you.

There is a particular zone that if you are kept in just forget it and that’s the daddy zone, if by chance a lady you really like starts calling you daddy, stylishly reject it. The problem is a lot of men have some habits that makes any lady put them in that zone. Stop acting like her daddy, the way some of you choke those innocent ladies one will wonder what is wrong exactly, there is a thin line between being so nice and being bossy, you can be nice and not overdo it. You are 23 and you are already a father to a girl who is 21, well done sir in falz’s voice, don’t pick up such.

The friendship zone is the most common and this is a very interesting zone, the two parties are stylishly having fun until one party starts to catch feelings and there the trouble starts, it’s okay to be a friend but you know your specs, you know the specie of man or woman you want so why zone a potential partner, I know some of us zone a potential partner because you are scared of your feelings but there is no harm in trying, even if you want to zone somebody off please be open don’t throw a good man or woman away in the name of fear.



I know what’s on your mind, you are asking what the way out is. It’s not over, we keep trying that’s the way life is wired.

  1. Reject any zone you are not comfortable with: be bold enough to refuse any zone, anytime she calls you big brother or daddy please tell her you are not her brother, overtime she will get used to that fact and bring you to the right position.
  2. Stop bossing her: as far as I’m concerned the minute you start bossing me I will just drag you to the daddy zone. Be a friend and not her dad, you can be so caring without being bossy, balance the two.
  3. Take that risk: Love is sacrificial and if you are not willing to take risks then what are you doing in life? Living itself is risky. Even after being zoned take that bold step and tell her how you feel, don’t assume until you try even Adesua zoned Banky W but uncle took that step and today they are married and the rest is history. Get out of the zone, zoning is basically a state of the mind, until you try you never know. The worst you will get is a No and you have learnt with that you become better, it would be painful but you know the mistakes you don’t want to make anymore.
  4. Define your relationships: when you meet a lady you both should define your relationship and when you are sure about her please don’t waste her time unnecessarily, let her know how you feel and if she is just a friend let her know.


Dear Zoner,

Aunty I know you are careful of being emotionally attached but I will advise that you take your time, be patient, stop allowing the devil into your bedroom, this guy has the qualities you want in your dream man then be patient and if you feel he is wasting your time then ask him, get me right, I didn’t say propose, I said ask, just ask him to define your relationship and with that you know where the relationship is going. Wisdom is profitable to direct, be wise when you are trying to zone anyone.

Enjoy our weekend and have fun!


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