The Heavens are so open and the rainy season is upon us already, with the way the rain has been falling these past weeks you will wonder if someone has decided to put his hand into the sky to bring out water but all the same we are grateful for the cool atmosphere.

There are few things worse than getting caught in the rain without notice. Hopping around in soggy socks, muddy shoes and drenched clothes can really spoil what should be a bright day. Although rain can be incredibly challenging to dress for in a country like Nigeria where clothing stay in summer fashion all-year-long, there are tips for getting that simple, smart rainy day look but not to worry, PayPorte has got you covered.

Here are some tips to keep you glowing even in the rainy season.

Keep it cool in dark colours

At this time of the year, wearing white shoes may not be the best choice. To stay clean all day, pair darker coloured pants with shirts or dresses. Go for black, as it will show little signs of debris. Long-sleeved outfits and lightweight sweaters in quick-to-dry materials should also be a frequent choice, especially when living in a city like Lagos where the cloud turns dark at the snap of a finger. You need nice outfits click here

Go for Longer Jackets

Ever been walking in the rain and seen a car splatter water on everyone using the side walk? Upsetting right? Exactly! While the umbrella can fend some of the rain away, it can’t cover the entire body, so try a jacket for full protection. Jackets could also keep you warm that’s an added advantage. You need to get a nice one just click here.

Get Fancy Rubber shoes

Suede shoes are just not a good option for the rainy season, the rain will never cease to surprise us, and there are actually fancy rubber shoes that will go a long way to keep you classy. We have nice rubber shoes to keep going, just click here to place your order.

Handbags? Go patent

Everyone knows that a lady’s handbag is the safe treasure box holding any and everything you can think of. Now you don’t want to have to empty that  bag to dry things out when it’s been beaten by the rain. Protect those precious items then by investing in a patent leather bag as they are more resistant to water and just require a wipe when hit by rain as opposed to leather bags which soak in all the water. Patent bags? We’ve got you covered, click here.

Don’t forget your umbrella and your shower caps are also important! Always keep it in your handbag.

Enjoy the rest of the day and don’t forget to keep shopping for the best and affordable fashion items, click here to start shopping.



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