The world cup is taking new turns and surprises is becoming a common emotion but the real surprise was on Saturday 30th of June when Argentina and Portugal were kicked out of the world by France and Uruguay respectively. The exit of our two greatest of all times (G.O.A.T.) Ronaldo and Messi was a shocking revelation, they left the world cup the same day.

Spain has also been kicked out after the loss to Russia, Russia won with a penalty of 4-3 and Denmark is also out after being defeated by Croatia. Brazil is still standing strong after defeating Mexico with two goals and no goal from Mexico.

Belgium defeated Japan today and the match was quite interesting, I had actually given up on Belgium but they won that match in a unique way, Japan scored two goals at the 48th and 52nd minute consecutively while Belgium came like a thief in the night, they scored three goals at the 69th, 74th and the 94th minute consecutively, the last goal for Belgium came in at the last minute and really that goal saved the day for Belgium, the disappointment on the faces of those Japanese was so heartbreaking, some of the players were actually crying but I can say they played with their hearts but it’s a game after all.


30th June

France 4 – Argentina 3

Uruguay 2 – Portugal 1

1st July

Spain 1 – Russia 1 (Russia wins with a penalty count of 4-3)

Croatia 1- Denmark 1 (Croatia win 3-2 on penalties)

2nd July

Brazil 2 – Mexico 0

Belgium 3 – Japan 2

The game is becoming tougher and less predictable, who do you think will win the world cup? The teams we thought were strong are actually out but who is really going to win? Let us know in the comments session.



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