After the popular Reality TV show Big brother Naija I’m sure you knew more about PayPorte and like the doubting Thomas you just believe that shopping on PayPorte is not so cool, I understand, we all have trust issues when it comes to Online shopping especially fashion items, some of us have been victims of scams and all of that. We all know that online shopping is  stress free but what happens if you can get a store you can trust online? I’m sure we all would not mind, after all who likes stress? Me I don’t and I’m sure you don’t like stress either.


Let me open your mind about why PayPorte is your best bet when it comes to online shopping and mind you this is not a fact, it’s the truth because facts change but the truth does not.


  1. Largest Fashion Store in Nigeria: This is the exciting news, PayPorte has over a million fashion products, did I see you scream or shocked, whatever the emotion you just projected it’s actually okay, the good news about this is that there are lots of products you can choose from, you have a lot of options which affords you the opportunity of being choosy, I’m as excited as you are!
  2. Local and International Manufacturers: You don’t have to visit ‘the abroad’ to get Nike and Adidas, you can get your favourite fashion brands on PayPorte, we have affiliations with top designers and brands so you can be sure we are offering you the best and another thing, we don’t do Internationals alone, we are still promoting our own thing, there are also local products available.
  3. Best Prices and Excellent quality: Are you not excited? You get quality products for a very good price, that’s some good news!!!!
  4. Affordable and Trendy Styles: We shop the latest! Yes, there are trendy and affordable styles on PayPorte so rock your choice.
  5. The store you can trust: This is my favourite reason, PayPorte is an online store you can actually trust, if your order was not properly dispatched or there are errors from our end, we will gladly refund your money. You can trust PayPorte so start shopping.


With all these points, tell me why you won’t shop on PayPorte, you really have no excuse I was just teasing you but you need to start shopping to stay on top of your game. Looking good is good business you know and the world is a global village all thanks to technology and you know what I love about online shopping you can sit down on your bed with your internet connected and start shopping and it will be delivered at your doorstep. You don’t have to stress yourself, let’s handle your stress. We don’t sell smiles but our products will give you a million smiles.


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