Thursdays are for throwback and today we are throwing it way back to the TV commercials that contributed to our beautiful childhood. They came in between our favourite shows and soap operas, those commercials brought a spark every time they came up, some of these commercials had songs we knew offhand from the beginning to the end. Let’s go nostalgic, shall we?

SKYE BANK HAKUNA MATATA: This advert created an atmosphere of joy and gladness, it depicts diversities of culture and at the same time it cut across all age groups and gender, it was just telling us that with Skye bank we had zero worries. Hit the play button and dance.

THE COWBELLOCRACY ADVERT: That song was so interesting, the location was a park where everybody was getting bored, the cowbellocracy bus passed and the song started “oyoyoyo, our milk” I bet you still remembered. Hit play jo and start singing.

BLUE VICKS: I loved the drama this advert came up, it was famous for its ‘baba blue’ an old man that was always with blue vicks to help those dealing with cough and catarrh, the interesting part was when a criminal that was discharged said he was not going to do it again, that got us laughing hard. Watch below jare.

MIMEE NOODLES ‘BOOM SHASHA’: the location was set at a young girl’s graduation party that was getting boring until mimee noodles came to save the day. The song was what got us got dancing, boom shasha mimee can you remember now, oya hit the play button.

INDOMIE CONCERT: This one was really heartwarming- a group of children at a birthday party while waiting to be served indomie noodles decided to help an old man sing in order for people to donate money for charity. The song went like this “to me, to you, it’s up to us to make the world a better place… I loved this song and somehow my beautiful colleague decided to sing it this morning and I couldn’t help but sing along. Watch the video below.

what was your favourite TV commercial? Let us know in the comments session!


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