Y’all remember Charlie’s Angel right, that movie that rocked back in the year 2000, the soundtrack “Independent woman” was so phenomenal to the movie which was written and performed by the Destiny’s Child.

According to Metro news, Sony Pictures is looking to Destiny’s child to make a soundtrack for the reboot of the movie coming in 2019.

We all want that right?

A source who spoke to Metro said the group is excited, especially since Lupita Nyong’o in talks to play one of the angels.

There might a little situation though, the group is open to a reunion but the delay has been caused by the fact that they would like complete ownership of their name and music as both are still owned by Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles.

The source also revealed that if they can all come to an agreement, the group will begin talks with Sony Pictures.

We have our finger crossed.


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