yay!!! It’s fashion Tuesday and today we are considering something very interesting and at the same time very important. Are you ready? Let’s get to know our body shapes, I am excited as you are. Let’s move on!!!

One major key to looking great is knowing yourself, picking out your outfit is way easier if you get to understand how your body looks.

Knowing how to dress for your particular body shape is key to looking great. Without this knowledge, you might not know which clothing cuts, styles and lengths look best on you, how to wear certain items to suit your body best or how to choose and place accessories to monopolize on the body you’ve got. The result? You can end up buying all the wrong clothes and (even worse!) looking less than a star. And who doesn’t want to shine like a star? We all want to.

Knowing how to dress for your particular shape helps you to look your best because it plays up your assets and downplays the areas of your body that you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to. It’s all about highlighting certain parts, deemphasizing others and fooling the eye into believing that you are the epitome of proportion and balance.


There are five types of body shape and they are: Inverted triangle, Rectangle, Apple, Pear and Hourglass. How exactly do you know your body shape?

The body type is mainly defined by your skeletal structure, muscles and fat distribution.

To determine your shape the first thing to do is get a measuring tape and take down some measurements, you could get a friend to do that for you so as to get an accurate measurement. Get the following measurements:

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Shoulder


Inverted triangle have a shoulder or bust that is larger than the hips, the shoulder are like 5% bigger than the hips. The shoulders are the largest part of the body.


For rectangles, the shoulders, bust and hips are around the same size with no defined waistline.  The waist is 25% smaller than other parts. In this case when you measure, your waist is always the smallest and the hips, bust and shoulders are around the same size.


Shoulders and hips are about the same size, waist is then same size or a little wider than the shoulders or hips. The real deal for apple is that they have a smaller hips.


Pears have a wider hips, the bust and waist is always smaller. Your hip measurement is more than 5 percent bigger than your shoulder or bust measurements, you as a pear has a larger hips and you gain weight on your thighs.


This what you also call ‘figure 8’. They have a smaller waist but the hips and shoulders are big and about the same size.


Another method you can use to determine your body shape, I will advise you use it for confirmation, you could get your get your measurement and insert into a body shape calculator and boom! Your shape appears, click here to use the body shape calculator.

Now that you know your shape, what is the best outfit for your shape, we will discuss that next week, hint me in the comments after finding your shape!



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