Partnership? Great. Friendship? Even better!


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

“If you can accomplish your dream on your own, your dream is too small.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes


It’s another beautiful Monday and I hope you had a great weekend? It’s our inspirational Monday and today we are talking about the importance of Relationships. Did I see you squeeze your mouth, I saw you, and in your mind you are feeling “on a Monday morning, relationship? *winks*, don’t worry it is not a boyfriend/girlfriend something, it is basically about friendships and partnerships.

Relationships are very expedient if you want to grow, nobody makes it alone that’s the secret, and we all need each other to succeed.

A great vision can never be achieved alone; and a vision’s mission isn’t exactly one that can be taken on solitarily. A visionary should, maybe must, be able to find the right partners; and when I said partners, I mean the kind of friendship and relationship that can fuel your vision. The kind of partnership that can spur you on, motivate you, believe in you and when the need arise, because it will arise, the kind that can reignite you so that together you can achieve that goal, that greatness. And if what you need is a team, then even better. However, keep in mind that you need the right set of people in your team to achieve that greatness.

It’s a proven fact that nobody succeeds alone. To get to the top, you need people and the major issue is having the right people around you; the right ones to motivate your vision and fuel your passion. Quite a few would say ‘I am self-made’ but that would be another theme for another day; however, if you really want to get to the top quicker and faster, find your partner-friend(s).


Bill gates and Paul Allen had been buddies and fellow Basic programmers at Lakeside School in Seattle. Allen graduated before Gates and enrolled at Washington State University. They built a computer based on an Intel 8008 chip and used it to analyze traffic data for the Washington state highway department, doing business as Traf-O-Data.

Allen went to work for Honeywell in Boston369, and Gates enrolled at Harvard University in nearby Cambridge. News in late 1974 of the first personal computer kit, the Altair 8800, excited them, but they knew they could improve its performance with Basic.

Allen spoke to Ed Roberts, president of Altair manufacturer MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems), and sold him on the idea. Gates and Allen worked night and day to complete the first microcomputer Basic. Allen moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in January 1975 to become director of software for MITS. Gates dropped out of his sophomore year at Harvard and joined Allen in Albuquerque.

Allen was 22; Gates was 19. Altair Basic was functioning by March. The “Micro-soft” partnership was sealed in April, but wouldn’t get its name for a few more months.

Microsoft moved from Albuquerque to Bellevue, Washington, in 1979. It incorporated in 1981, a few weeks before IBM introduced its personal computer with Microsoft’s 16-bit operating system, MS-DOS 1.0. In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen created a partnership called Micro-soft. It will grow into one of the largest U.S. corporations and place them among the world’s richest people. (Culled from

Ignore all the IT jargons, Paul Allen’s efforts, friendship and relationship can never be overemphasized in the creation of Microsoft with Bill Gates; the great partnership that gave birth to Microsoft.

Every great man understands that he cannot achieve greatness alone, and his most potent weapon of success, besides God, is building a network of like minds around him to help him succeed. Like Bill Gates and Paul Allen, you need to build that partnership, or team, of great minds.

Partnership could be more than two persons but the most important thing is that they must believe in your vision and they must be willing to help you succeed.

Just like in the game of football, strikers cannot score the goal without the collective effort of the midfielders and defenders. They all work together as a team, unit and colleagues to achieve their only goal, which is winning the game. You want to win your game? Find your partner-friend(s)!


“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; Together we can do great things- (Mother Teresa)”

Find your partner(s), sell your vision to them and I can bet you can achieve greater things. No man makes it alone. Find that right partner-friend(s).

Have a productive week!




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